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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our day at Fort Detrick. To meet this need, an extensive customer service program has been established. Customer satisfaction is one of the major criteria elements that contributed to Ft. Detrick being honored as an Army Community of Excellence.

A Service Provider Manager has been appointed for each of our major services. The team, headed by the Installation Customer Service Coordinator, works side by side until you, the customer, are completely satisfied.

The Customer Care Team has been created to:

  • Receive your concerns, suggestions, and praises, and resolve any areas of concern at the point of service using our current resources. We will provide continuous follow up until you are completely satisfied with the results.
  • Make certain that all customers are aware of avenues of contact to our Customer Service Program. There are a number of ways to let your voice be heard. The new Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system, allows you to communicate directly with all of our service providers on the Installation by submitting an on-line comment card. There are also hard copy comment cards and comment card boxes for our customers in all service areas. Customers are free to call our customer service representatives for any customer service concerns and a dedicated 1-800 number has been created for your convenience.
  • Conduct one-on-one Customer Outreach Meetings, Newcomer Briefings, Town Hall Meetings, and Focus-Group meetings to gain assurance that you are receiving the services and quality of goods you need now, and in the future.

The primary benefit derived from the Customer Care Team, is that you have one point of contact who will take care of all your needs. Requests are followed through to satisfactory conclusion, and follow-up is regular and consistent.

Because of you, Fort Detrick is an Army Community of Excellence!

Customer Service Pledge

We will:

  • Exemplify what the true meaning of customer service is by learning the exact needs of our individual customers.
  • Treat all customers with respect during every interaction (in person, on the phone, or in writing).
  • Treat all customer suggestions, comments, or complaints with prompt responsiveness and on-time promised service.
  • For customers who furnish contact information, provide a call/e-mail within 24 hours acknowledging receipt of their comment card.
  • Resolve all customer complaints or requests with in 72 hours. If this cannot be accomplished, we will contact the customer and advise who can provide the resolution and when. We will then continue to contact the customer at least weekly until resolved and track all resolutions. We will not rest until the customer is completely satisfied.
  • Ensure that CSRs and POCs from each Directorate meet monthly to discuss and determine how to improve our customer service, go over any suggestions and track all resolutions on an Installation customer call-back log.
  • Demonstrate true concern for all of our customers by listening and showing genuine interest.
  • Provide reliable, consistent service, products and information. If we do not know the answer to a customer's question, we will let the customer know and contact them as soon as we find the correct answer.
  • Make recommendations to improve customer service.
  • Take pride in our appearance and our work area, maintaining cleanliness at all times in both.
  • Establish customer relationships and continually strive to better our customer service areas.
  • Appreciate our customers, thank all for visiting and using our services on a daily basis.
  • Work as a team and understand that the cooperation between us and our willingness to improve will ultimately satisfy our customer's needs and create a wanted interaction between our customers and our services on a daily basis.

ICE - Interactive Customer Evaluation

ICE allows DoD customers to rate products and services provided by DoD offices and facilities worldwide. Your comment card ratings are used to improve the products and services available to you.

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

AFAP allows every sector of the military to have a voice in raising quality well-being concerns to leadership. Some issues are dealt with at the local level, while others are forwarded to higher commands for resolution.

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is a vehicle for providing input from the people of the Army to Army leadership. It's a process that lets soldiers and families say what's working, and what isn't - AND what they think will fix it. It alerts commanders and Army leaders to areas of concern that need their attention, and it gives them the opportunity to quickly put plans into place to work toward resolving the issues.

  • Gives commanders a gauge to validate concerns and measure satisfaction
  • Enhances Army's corporate image
  • Helps retain the best and brightest
  • Results in legislation, policies, programs and services that strengthen readiness and retention
  • Safeguards well-being

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Fort Detrick is:

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A national asset, proudly protecting the nation and supporting the local economy

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People Count... customers and employees working together for service excellence

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Conserving resources, a recognized steward of the environment

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Sustainable planning, preparing for tomorrow's challenges

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