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What is Fort Detrick's Mission and Vision?

Mission: The US Army Garrison, Fort Detrick, provides sustainable base operations support, quality of life programs, and environmental stewardship to facilitate the sustainment of vital national interests.

Vision: Relevant, Respectful, Responsible, and Ready

Providing a safe, sustainable, and high quality of service to our families, workforce, and Mission Partners. Empowering our workforce to transform our processes to be more integrated and effective to set the conditions for a sustainable future.

Endstate: Customer Focus and Mission Accomplishment

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability means managing all resources -- workforce, infrastructure, funds, information, natural resources, energy, and systems -- so that we have them as needed, to best support current and future mission requirements.

It is more than just protecting the environment. Much like managing every household checkbook, Fort Detrick has to conserve resources and focus them on providing improved services to our community. Creating a Sustainable Community of Excellence means examining and changing the way we plan for, invest in, and operate the Garrison. It means identifying approaches, technologies, and systems that will best support the mission, improve the quality of life in our communities, protect resources, and reduce our operational costs. Sustainability crosses all functional areas; that means, as members of the workforce, we all need to consider how our day-to-day actions impact the mission, the community, the environment, and the economy. These four perspectives are referred to as the Triple Bottom Line Plus (TBL+).

What is Sustainable Strategic Planning?

The Garrison does not always receive funding for all of the programs and great ideas to improve services. Sustainable Strategic Planning is a way for us to prioritize the needs of all of our customers and use other programs so that we can maintain high quality service. Through this process, the Garrison is developing improved processes for the workforce, more efficient business practices, designing better facilities, improving customer services, and achieving sustainable process improvements.

What is a Sustainable Community of Excellence?

Linking our sustainable strategic planning efforts to the Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE) program is one way we are learning from other installations and engaging the entire workforce. Providing the best possible working and living conditions for the day-to-day business of our workforce and mission partners is what the ACOE Program is all about. Based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, the ACOE program focuses on improvements in the environment, in services and facilities, improving working and living conditions, renewing pride and developing a sense of accomplishment in every member of the community.

The Garrison has taken previous plans and ideas to create a way ahead for the next 25 years to help ensure that we can provide all the required services and those that we could not even imagine today. This effort is to look for innovation and efficiency and reduce waste in every process and service ultimately "balancing the Garrison checkbook without reducing any programs". In the end, everyone has an important role, everyone has to think, plan, support, and act to nurture this Sustainable Community of Excellence.

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Sustainable Detrick

Fort Detrick is:

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