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Stopping Transmission of Respiratory Infectious Diseases Easily (STRIDE)

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All members of the Fort Detrick community are encouraged to review the content on this site which is established to promote awareness of measures necessary to combat easily transmitted disease-causing Organisms which pose a risk to our warfighters and supporting staff

The #1 Most Effective Defense Against Contracting An Infectious Disease (Including Influenza) Is... HANDWASHING


About Influenza (aka 'The Flu')

The Flu

There is a lot of information out there about influenza and you've already heard how important it is for you and your family members to get your vaccinations.

If you do get the flu, please do everyone a favor and STAY HOME to avoid the potential for transmission of this serious virus within your workplace.

Go to our Posters and Links page to download posters suitable for office bulletin boards and links to sites that will give you all the information you need about 'The Flu'.

Maintaining Your Good Health in the Workplace


By this time, we hope you have a good understanding of how your habits and the habits of others affect your health at work.

Visit the STRIDE Workplace page for a reminder of why we're here and to get some common sense suggestions to help you stay healthy in your workplace.

Do you think you have the flu?
Could it be allergies?
Could it be a cold?
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Stuff About Handshaking You Might Not Know Or Have Thought About


The handshake... to most of us, not much more than an automatic reflexive motion when greeting someone.

Why is it mentioned here? Because of the multitude of infectious organisms (aka, germs) on our hands that can be passed from one person to the next.

Go to our Handshake page to find out the history and some interesting facts about the handshake and how you can avoid transmitting diseases or becoming the victim of disease or illness from hands.

And!! Don't miss our list of
Really Icky (and unhealthy) Things People Do!

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