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Why Keep My Workplace Healthy?

The Army Vision:

Relevant and Ready Landpower
In Service to the Nation

To fulfill our solemn obligation to the Nation, we must remain the preeminent landpower on earth - the ultimate instrument of national resolve

Perhaps the best reason to keep ourselves and our workplaces healthy is to remember why we're all here...


You may or may not wear a uniform, or you may be a partner here at Fort Detrick. Regardless, it is our duty - our obligation - to ensure the vital missions conducted at Fort Detrick are accomplished... and a necessary element to getting those missions accomplished is to maintain a healthy workforce.

Consider that it takes just one person to decide to 'brave it out' by coming to work with a contagious illness to put you, your co-workers, and even your family at risk. Further, this one act of 'bravery' could ultimately jeopardize not only your mission, but other missions or staffs which rely on you and your co-workers being there to do your job.

What Everyone Can Do To Maintain A Healthy Workforce

Healthy Workforce

Taking the time to look at the STRIDE website is a very good first step! Commit to good habits, like washing your hands!

Take the lead or work as a member of a team to help your co-workers understand their contribution to maintain a healthy workplace is vital to everyone's health, and thus, a force multiplier!

Hang posters in visible areas around the workplace and in bathrooms to remind staff of healthy habits!

What YOU Can Do To Maintain A Healthy Workplace

Think twice before coming to work when ill. And then think again. Is it really worth potentially exposing your co-workers to your illness?

Supervisors... consider that if you come to work sick, your staff probably will too; so set an example and stay at home to avoid spreading your germs throughout the workplace and urge your staff to do the same

If you must come to work -

  • Consider wearing a protective mask (available at your local pharmacy or Barquist Occupational Health Clinic)
  • Avoid or minimize contact with others
  • Wash your hands frequently and properly
  • Cover your cough!

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