03 October 2018
Fort Detrick Fire Department
As Fire Prevention Week approaches, Oct. 7-13, the Fort Detrick Fire & Emergency Services encourages everyone to “Look. Listen. Learn.”
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24 May 2018
Sheri Schaefer, Army Substance Abuse Program
The summer season is a dangerous time of year for the Army with notable increases in off duty accidental fatalities and injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other federal, state and local highway safety and law enforcement officials across
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03 April 2018
Jeffrey Soares, USAMMDA Public Affairs
Within the critical field of burn treatment and skin repair, the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity’s Tissue Injury and Regenerative Medicine Project Management Office remains a leading force in discovering effective medical solutions for our Nation’s Warfighters to restore form, function and appearance following
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07 December 2017
December is designated as Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Month in an effort to eliminate the tragic consequences of drugged or drunk driving and rededicate ourselves to preventing it this December and throughout the year.

During the month of December, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, within the U.S. Department of Transportation with the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration remind us to celebrate safely during this holiday season.
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03 November 2017
With Daylight Savings Time coming to a close this weekend, it is a great opportunity to check and change the the battery on your smoke alarms.

Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives!
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02 June 2017
Fort Detrick Army Substance Abuse Program
The summer season is a dangerous time of year for the Army with notable increases in off-duty accidental fatalities and injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other federal, state and local highway safety and law enforcement officials across the Nation, as well as the Army Substance Abuse Program, remind anyone planning on drinking alcohol this summer to always Plan Before You Party – Don’t Forget to Designate a Sober Driver.
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29 December 2016
Nick Minecci, USAG Public Affairs
With construction underway in populated areas of Fort Detrick and some organizations moving to new locations, it is important for both
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14 December 2016
Kristen Haga, Installation Safety Office
Hunting is a fun outdoor sport, but like any sport participants must adhere to certain safety precautions to avoid injury or even death. Following the rules helps ensure not just your safety but that of your fellow hunters. Remember, not everyone is as safety conscious as they should be.

Keep the following rules in mind when hunting:
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22 November 2016
Sheri Schaefer, Fort Detrick ASAP Interim Program Manager
December is designated as Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Month in an effort to eliminate the tragic consequences of drugged or drunk driving and re-dedicate ourselves to preventing it not only in the month of December, but all throughout the year.
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02 November 2016
Lanessa Hill, USAG Public Affairs
Winter weather is just around the corner. In preparation of the inevitable snow to come, Fort Detrick held its annual Winter Weather Conference at the Community Activities Center Oct. 28. The conference intent each year is to inform the Fort Detrick community on how the U.S. Army Garrison will notify employees of operational status and snow removal processes, as well as request assistance from tenants and units on the installation.
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26 July 2016
This August is the seventh year anniversary of the Army Annual Antiterrorism Awareness Month program. The Army’s antiterrorism program protects personnel, information and facilities in all locations and situations against terrorist activities. The purpose of Antiterrorism Awareness Month is to instill Army-wide heightened awareness and vigilance to protect Army communities from acts of terrorism.
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29 June 2016
Maj. Katina Foxworth, Barquist Army Health Clinic
With warmer weather approaching, people get more active in the great outdoors; hiking, biking, walking and doing other “fun-in-the sun” activities.

Everyone needs to be aware that we are not the only creatures that get more active in the warmer months. Ticks are most active from April to September, and Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in Maryland and in the United States.

Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.
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10 September 2015
By Garth Phoebus, USAG Emergency Manager

Across the U.S., hundreds of thousands of people will use September as a month to review their personal plans to communicate and prepare for, respond to and recover from emergency situations or incidents. Ready.gov, partnering with Ready Army, provides online resources in order to assist in preparing your family, vehicles and work with kits and materials to last up to 72 hours after an incident.

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27 March 2015
By Shannon Bishop, USAG Public Affairs

Though National Cyber Security Awareness month is officially recognized in October, it is a topic that is relevant to the Fort Detrick community 24/7.

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30 January 2015
By Lanessa Hill, USAG Public Affairs

A green ribbon with two white stripes and a white embroidered inscription “Safety Excellence” is authorized to indicate accident prevention measures and success. Recently, Fort Detrick met the regulatory requirements for obtaining the award; being named a 2014 safety winner by the Department of the Army.

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10 December 2014

Beginning Jan. 5, 2015, visitors to Fort Detrick and Forest Glen Annex will be subject to a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) background check. Visitors with issues such as an outstanding arrest warrant, recent felony conviction or being listed in the Terrorist Screening Database will not be allowed access, and if appropriate, will be turned over to legal authorities.

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17 October 2014
By Lisa Morris, USAMRMC Public Affairs

October’s nationwide claim to fame is Halloween, but for years scary fantasy characters of the holiday, such as goblins and ghosts, have outshined another, more critical fear: cyber threats.

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24 March 2014
Story and Photo By Shannon Bishop, USAG Public Affairs

Just a few months shy of one year after moving into their new Fire and Emergency Services building, the Fort Detrick Fire Department has won the Best Medium Sized Fire Department in the Atlantic Region for the Installation Management Command.

"This is a huge deal," said Brian Wheeler, Fort Detrick fire chief, about winning the IMCOM Atlantic region award. "This team has worked hard even through the furlough. This [award] is quite an accomplishment."

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28 January 2014
by Shannon Bishop, USAG Public Affairs and Ellen Crown, USAMRMC Public Affairs

As the temperatures remain well below freezing, parents are bundling their little ones up in warm coats and many layers. While this will protect them from the extreme cold, many do not know that bulky coats and car seats can be a lethal combination.

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21 October 2013
By: Senitta Conyers, Installation Safety Management Office

In a few short weeks, our kids will excitedly put on their costumes, ring doorbells and possibly even perform a funny trick for treats. These are childhood memories and traditions that will be shared for years to come. Please encourage your children, family and friends to follow our installation’s safety rules to promote a fun and safe Halloween!

- Ensure children are always supervised. Take advantage of this family time and enjoy the festivities together.

- Limit children to the housing area where you reside, or immediate surrounding area.

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04 October 2013
by Garth C. Phoebus, USAG Emergency Manager

U.S. Army Garrison and mission partners participated in an annual, full-scale exercise designed to test and validate current shelter-in-place plans and procedures Sept. 24, at Fort Detrick, Md..

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27 August 2013
By Nick Minecci, USAG Public Affairs
A fire was reported at approximately 2 p.m., Aug. 14, at the construction site for what will be the new home to the new biosafety level-4 laboratory for the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases on Fort Detrick.  
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16 August 2013
by Installation Safety Management Office
Just yesterday, the bells were ringing and kids singing, “schools out, summer time fun!” In a few short weeks, though, our kids will be returning for the 2013-2014 school year. Just as you have prepared them academically, physically and mentally by reading through the summer, trying new activities, and making new friends in summer camp, also prepare your children to have a safe school year as well.
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14 June 2013
The 101 Days of Summer Safety campaign, beginning Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, is an opportunity to continue the message of safety throughout all of our summer activities, such as grilling in the backyard, enjoying a day at the beach with family and friends, or taking a day trip to soak up the beautiful weather.
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22 April 2013
There were two envelopes delivered to an off-site mail facility in Washington D.C. addressed to U.S. political leaders that tested positive for the deadly poison ricin, April 16.

Many times these are not singular incidents and often occur in multiples so please ensure our mail handlers remain vigilant and use proper procedures if suspicious email is encountered.Although USPS mail is delivered to the mail room on post, many of you have mail rooms or reception areas who receive FEDEX and UPS deliveries.

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Thousands are killed each year due to distracted driving, and nearly half a million are injured. Yet, many choose not to acknowledge the dangers involved with distracted driving, while others willfully continue to text and talk when driving.?
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The Installation Safety Management Office invites all current and future motorcycle riders to attend the 2013 Motorcycle Safety Forum. This important event will be held on May 1, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Fort Detrick Community Activities Center, Building 1529.
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27 March 2013
By Pam Tucker 

Fort Detrick Army Community Service

There’s a funny movie in the theaters right now that deals with a topic that’s not a bit funny: identity theft. In the movie, a shopaholic living in Miami has stolen the identity of an average man living in Denver to support her ways. Throughout the laughter, one thing becomes apparent: how difficult it is to get your ID back after it has been taken.

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Defense Travel System Users have reported receiving a phishing email. The scam consists of the DTS user receiving an email asking them to log into DTS at www.de fensetravel.osd.com and to sign their travel authorization immediately or their travel reservations will be cancelled.
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14 March 2013
March 18-24
National Inhalants & Poisons Awareness Week is a program designed to increase understanding about the use and risks of inhalant involvement. The mission is to prevent or reduce inhalant use in communities involving youth, schools, media, police departments, health organization, civic groups and more. Inhalation is referred to as huffing, sniffing, dusting or bagging and generally occurs through the nose or mouth. 
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29 January 2013

By: Charles Harriday, Installation Safety Management Office

Ice covered streets, parking lots and sidewalks are some indications that winter and cold weather have arrived.  Be aware that increased mishaps are likely to occur, but can be prevented through daily preparation prior to leaving home for work and after arriving at your destination.

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07 December 2012
Army Substance Abuse Program Staff

December is annually designated as National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (often referred to as 3D Month). Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 48 minutes, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  

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As the colder weather approaches, are you prepared for the dangers winter weather can bring? Slips and falls have historically increased at Fort Detrick from December thru February, which has lead to many injuries. Fiscal year 2012 was a relatively mild winter and our slips and falls rate was way down, but the one weather-related fall resulted in 33 lost-time days.  As you can see, slips and falls can negatively affect our mission.
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01 November 2012
Do you know the leading cause of death for children older than the age of two? The State Highway Administration has identified motor vehicle crashes as the culprit to these deaths. Proper restraint in vehicles can help reduce deaths and the SHA is working hard to keep parents and drivers informed of the proper methods of restraining children in passenger vehicles.
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06 August 2012

By: Jenni Benson USAG Public Affairs

An automated external defibrillator or AED is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses potentially life threatening cardiac arrhythmias and is able to treat them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm. A heart arrhythmia is a heart rhythm problem that occurs when the electrical impulses in your heart that coordinate your heartbeats don't work properly, causing your heart to beat too fast, too slow or irregularly.

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15 November 2011
As winter arrives, make safety a top priority
The arrival of fall/winter means that our daylight time has diminished. When leaving work at the end of the day don't just hop in your vehicle and take off without allowing time for your eyes to adjust. When coming from a well lit office to the reduced light of early evening allow time for your eyes to adjust before beginning the drive home.
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13 October 2011
Imagine you are driving home from work one evening and all of a sudden a child chasing a ball runs out in front of your car. Thankfully you notice them before an accident occurs and you slam on your brakes allowing the child to safely cross in front of you.
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30 September 2011
Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin B. Stuart of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and Fort Detrick had great news to deliver at the quarterly Senior Enlisted Meeting at the Community Activities Center Sept 7.
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04 August 2011
August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month
It's "Antiterrorism Awareness Month" for the United States Army and you may be asking yourself what that means for people who work at Fort Detrick, Forest Glen, and the rest of our community. It means installation and unit Antiterrorism Officers will be preparing you for long-term success to guard against possible terrorist attacks against our soldiers, civilians, family members, and installations. We use this month to instill heightened awareness and vigilance to prevent and protect Army critical resources from acts of terrorism.
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03 August 2011
The Installation Safety Management Office is on a quest to catch and recognize those personnel they spot working safely. Too often the only times employees are addressed in regards to safety on the job is when they are not following safety rules or working in an unsafe manner.The US Army Garrison workforce was instrumental in the US Army Garrison being recognized as a Voluntary Protection Program Star Site.
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14 July 2011
With summer here, the Fort Detrick Provost Marshal Office would like to remind Fort Detrick personnel of the likely increase in motorcyclists on the road during the long holiday weekend. With a rise in Department of the Army accidents, it is important to be aware of our surroundings and implement safe practices to prevent future accidents.
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On June 29, Forest Glen Annex hosted its first safety day for employees. Vendors were available who provided items and information tied to workforce safety and sustainability.
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12 May 2011
The 26th Annual Fort Detrick Safety Awareness Day will be celebrated on 25 May 2011 at building 1520A.
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16 February 2011
In an effort to continue to lead the nation as one of the top one percent in Safety, Fort Detrick Safety Management Office is asking again for nominations for the annual Safety Award.
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Antiterrorism and Contracting Awareness
The theme for 2nd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2011 is Antiterrorism and Contracting Awareness.
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31 January 2011
Suspicious packages
Last month several suspicious packages were received by separate Maryland State Office building mailrooms which contained explosive/flammable materials.  Suspicious packages are defined as any items capable of concealing or containing harmful substances that has been left unattended and/or visibly shows indicators of posing a potential threat.
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21 January 2011
Responding to an Active Shooter incident
In light of recent events around the country, this issues focus is on Active Shooter incidents and how to respond during an event. An Active Shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims. Because active shooter situations are often over within 10 to 15 minutes, before law enforcement arrives on the scene, individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation.
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13 January 2011

Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, world-wide threat to our Nation and to our Army forces.

The Army community must seek to understand the threat, detect and deter terrorist activities, ward and defend against the full range of terrorist tactics.

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