04 August 2011
Barquist Partners with Commanders to Improve Medical Readiness

by Col. Gregory A. Malvin

Barquist Army Health Clinic

The Fort Detrick Health Clinic is partnering with Commanders to improve medical readiness through the implementation of a Medical Management Center whose goal is to reduce the number of medically non-ready Soldiers at Fort Detrick.

The purpose of the MMC initiative is to establish a functional framework for the consistent and command-driven management of the MNR Soldier population and associated medical readiness processes.

The goal is to decrease the recovery time after injury or illness, decrease the length of time a Soldier cannot perform their duties and decrease the timeline for identifying a Soldier's medical retention determination point.

The MMC accomplishes this by providing care coordination personnel to interact directly with the Soldier, the MTF and the chain of command. Barquist Army Health Clinic has established a medical management processes that will provide intensive management of the MNR population.

Nurse case managers will be involved in this MMC process and will focus on establishing and maintaining a return to duty program, collaboration and communication with the healthcare team, and coordinating care needs. The essential first step in the medical management process is identification of the MNR Soldier.

The MTF along with unit Commanders will determine if a Soldier requires additional support and medical management. There are multiple means by which a Soldier will be identified as needing medical management via the MMC.

These include identification by BAHC via MEDPROS or other referral sources, referral by a primary care manager, or requests from unit Commanders. The desired steady state is that BAHC will have appropriate medical management processes that will provide focused management of the MNR population to reduce profile and administrative processing time and maximize the Soldiers' return to duty rate.


For more information unit Command representatives should contact Ms. Sylvia Nye, BAHC Chief Nurse, at (301) 619-0976.

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