14 March 2013
Women’s History Month

By Shannon Bishop

USAG Public Affairs

Every March, our nation celebrates the great accomplishments of women throughout American history. Many times when women’s history is remembered, people remember the accomplishments of the past such as women fighting for their right to vote. 

In 1920, over eight million women voted in a Presidential election for the first time, after fighting for women’s suffrage for years. Since then, women such as Rosa Parks, Sally Ride and Sandra Day O’Connor have greatly impacted the ways of our nation. Without Parks, we may not have had such a big movement regarding segregation. Without Ride, women may have never traveled in space or made the discoveries we have today. Day O’Connor helped the United States Supreme Court decide many cases that otherwise may have resulted in drastically different decisions impacting the American people.

Each and every accomplishment made, by man or woman, shapes the way our nation functions. It is important that as we move through everyday life, we acknowledge the actions that will later be remembered in history.

Earlier this year, on January 24, the Pentagon signed an order opening all ground-combat military positions to women. The order lifts a 1994 rule, which stated that women could not be assigned to units in direct ground combat. While this may be seen as controversial to some, it will greatly impact the way our military functions in combat zones.

As we move through history, more progress continues to be made to show the equality between the great men and women of our nation. We should all take a moment this month to remember the great accomplishments made by so many women throughout history. 

The Fort Detrick community will celebrate Women’s History Month with an observance on March 20, 2013, at the Community Activities Center on post from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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