Fort Detrick
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Phone: 301-619-2643/3936
DSN: 343-2643/3936
Trial Attorney: 301-619-1879

521 Fraim Street
Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702

Hours: Mon-Fri, 0730-1630

Military Justice & Criminal Law

The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate provides advice to commanders and supervisors and represents the Army in criminal proceedings. Soldiers who need legal advice on criminal matters under investigation by the Army must contact an Army Trial Defense Services Office for help. Soldiers assigned to Fort Detrick are covered by the Fort Meade Trial Defense Services (TDS) Office External Link: Leaving Fort Detrick Website.

The Fort Meade TDS Office is located at Bldg 2257, Snowden Hall, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5030. Their phone number is 301-677-9218/9822.

Prosecutions Before the U.S. Magistrate Judge

2018 US District Court Dates [PDF]

Directions to Fort Detrick Court Sessions [PDF]

The U.S. District Court convenes at the Fort Detrick court facility every month to address all misdemeanor and minor offenses in the region. On minor cases, the individuals can either pay the fine listed on the ticket, or appear at court.

Fine only cases can result in a $500 fine, $25 special assessment, and a $5 court assessment if the individual does not pay prior to trial. More serious cases can result in jail time, community service, and higher fines. Individuals who fail to appear at court are subject to possible arrest or suspension of their drivers license. Soldiers may be tried before the U.S. Magistrate Judge on traffic cases or may be subject to military justice action. The court clerk can be reached through the US Courthouse in Greenbelt, Maryland at 301-344-3107 or 301-344-0660.

Drivers are subject to federal law, assimilated state law, and the Fort Detrick Traffic Code.

The Military Justice division of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate advises Commanders regarding administrative separations, letters of reprimand, Article 15's, pretrial confinement, and courts-martial.

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