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Conservation — Recycling Program

Fort Detrick has a leading recycling program where on average 46% of waste is recycled monthy.

  • Recyclables - Being environmentally conscience in this day and time, means recycling whenever possible.
    • All clean dry paper (this includes newspaper, copier, cardboard, any other paper products) should be deposited in the blue recycle containers, or the outside cardboard bins located throughout post.
    • All plastics should be rinsed of solids and emptied of liquids and put in the recycle bins.
    • Containers for aluminum cans are located in each building throughout the post.
    • Wooden pallets should be saved for collection by recycle personnel.
    • Batteries should be returned to the original place obtained. This is easily done. Just turn them in when requesting replacements.
    • Any item considered a hazardous material should be collected by the Hazardous Materiel Management Branch 301-619-3441.
  • Medical Waste - Located outside each lab and research building are the containers for medical waste. These one cubic yard push carts are exclusively for collection of trash from the lab areas. They are collected daily and incinerated upon receipt at the incinerator plant.
  • Clean Wood - With the exception of pallets, all clean wood is collected and delivered to our wood shredder, where it is processed and prepared for shipment to a mulching facility.
  • Burnable Trash - If your trash does not meet the recycling standards identified above, it will be incinerated. We strive to minimize incineration as much as possible by recycling everything we can. Please remember that some recyclable items such as metal and wood can damage the collection vehicles and incinerators if placed in the burnable dumpsters.
  • Non-Burnable Trash - Concrete, porcelain, dirt, and large furniture items must be handled in a special manner. Please contact the Solid Waste management Section for instructions on what to do with these types of waste.

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