Responsible Detrick
Conserving resources, a recognized steward of the environment

What is Responsible Detrick?

Responsible Detrick: Conserving resources as a recognized steward of the environment.

People Count. Fort Detrick's responsibility is a dedication and promise to the safety and viability of our Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and our Community.

Our responsibility

  • Preserving the past for future generations to learn from
  • A trusted steward to the preservation of the environment
  • Restoring and preserving nature and the green space that we have been entrusted
  • Trained and dedicated workforce committed to quality customer service
  • Neighbor in life, work, and family - a community economic engine
  • Empowered work force enhancing safety, efficiency, productivity
  • Respectful and courteous community partner

We achieve our responsibility goals through programs that empower and reward employees, enabling them to effect change for a safer, more efficient, and productive work environment.

Because of these efforts, Fort Detrick is:

  • Part of OSHA's Top 1 Percent of Safe Places to Work in the nation
  • Top 5 Family Friendly place to work in Frederick County, Md.
  • An Army Community of Excellence
  • Voluntary Protection Program Star Program Recipient

We have committed to preserving the green space through various efforts and partnerships with organizations such as:

  • The American Chestnut Foundation
  • Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City U.S.A.
  • The Maryland PLANT Community
  • Maryland Department of the Environment
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Five Cabinet-level agencies hosted by Fort Detrick

Our community responsibility is also maintaining a healthy open and transparent dialogue with our neighbors in the local, state, and federal government and most importantly the community at large; for it is their trust and support of our efforts that empowers us to be successful in accomplishing our critical national security missions.

These partnerships, programs and initiatives allow Fort Detrick to remain a Sustainable Community of Excellence.

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Sustainable Detrick

Fort Detrick is:

- Relevant...
A national asset, proudly protecting the nation and supporting the local economy

- Respectful...
People Count... customers and employees working together for service excellence

- Responsible...
Conserving resources, a recognized steward of the environment

- Ready...
Sustainable planning, preparing for tomorrow's challenges

Fort Detrick, Maryland
A Sustainable Community of Excellence

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