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Fort Detrick's Energy Conservation Program: The Installation Energy Conservation Coordinator, Engineering and Construction Division, manages Fort Detrick's Energy Conservation Awareness Program. Engineering Branch personnel evaluate and determine the value of proposed energy savings initiatives and ensures that the most energy efficient material or equipment is included in all contract proposals. Customers are encouraged to submit their energy saving suggestions to the Incentive Awards Program. All other energy suggestions or concerns should be directed to the Installation Energy Conservation Coordinator in memorandum format, or CC:Mail. Fort Detrick's Energy Conservation Program meets all requirements of Army Regulation 11-27, Army Energy Program. Our goal, in partnership with our customers, is to meet or exceed the goal set by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT) and Executive Order 13123 which requires that federal agencies reduce the energy consumed in federal buildings. The order increased the goal to 30% reduction by 2015, when compared with base year 2005.

Building Energy Monitor (BEM) Functions: Army regulation 11-27 states that commanders will appoint unit, area, and building energy monitors to implement and monitor the energy program. The BEM plays an important part in Fort Detrick's energy programs. BEM duties and responsibilities are outlined in Fort Detrick Regulation 11-27 and the Building Energy Monitor's Handbook.

Requesting Approval to Operate a Space Heater: Space Heaters may not be operated until approval has been received from the Energy Conservation Coordinator. Upon receipt of your request for use of a space heater, the Energy Conservation Coordinator will coordinate with the Chief, Fire Protection and Leader, Electrical/Mechanical Branch of the DIS, who will determine if the heater you wish to operate is safe and whether or not it is the most energy efficient method of providing heat to your work area. If use of the heater is approved, a sticker will be placed on the heater and the circuit that it is plugged into. You will receive an approved copy of your request for your records. The purpose of the sticker is to facilitate safety and fire inspections. If the sticker is affixed to the heater, inspectors no longer have to ask for approval documents. If disapproved, you will be informed that your heater does not meet safety standards and you'll need to purchase another heater that meets all safety standards or the DIS will provide required heat to your work area by another method. Requests for approval to operate a space heater may be forwarded to "Installation Energy Conservation Coordinator". Your request should contain the following information:

  • Point of contact:
  • Location of heater:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Watts:
  • Is heater UL listed?
  • Does heater have tilt feature?
  • Does heater have a thermostat?
  • Where was heater purchased?

The Energy Conservation Challenge: Whether a member of the military services or a government employee of Fort Detrick, the challenge presented by Executive Order 13123 may be the greatest challenge we all face. Reducing energy costs becomes more important as operating cost increase and our operation budgets get smaller each year. Energy cost reduction may be the only solution. We have many opportunities to conserve energy each day. We may reduce energy by not making extra copies of a document or turning lights out in the office when not needed.

The Energy Office would like to hear from you. Forward your energy conservation suggestions/concerns to the Installation Energy Conservation Coordinator, Building 201.

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