Relevant Detrick
A national asset, proudly protecting the nation and supporting local economy

Fort Detrick educates, mentors and assists businesses and education programs to foster collaborative opportunities and prepare students for their future in the workforce. Fort Detrick encourages employees and members of the community to participate in community service projects that support education, social responsibility and community involvement of the entire Frederick community, furthering the relationships that make Fort Detrick an integral part of Frederick.

Volunteer Detrick — employee volunteerism outside the installation

Mission: Promote and strengthen volunteerism by uniting community volunteer efforts, supporting professional management, enhancing volunteer career mobility, and establishing volunteer partnerships to support individual personal growth and life-long volunteer commitment.

  • Child Youth and School Services (CYSS) conduct programs between local schools and civic organizations such as the theater, dance, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and 4-H.
  • Volunteer throughout the community in a variety of environments--- from coaching to teaching in the classroom.

Educate Detrick — Innovative educational programs to improve employee well-being and productivity, improve science and math skills for today's youth and build the bench for the future work force. Educate Detrick also includes improving skills and providing opportunities for youth interested in trade skills and information technology (IT).

Mission: Through partnerships and education outreach, Fort Detrick motivates students, provides active learning experiences and builds the bench for Maryland's future workforce.

  • College fairs held annually
  • Encouraging the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and all careers through its dynamic education and community outreach program
  • Frederick County Roundtable for Education reaching out to the community with programs such as the Young Engineers and Scientists program (YES), Adopt-a-School program, Project Lead the Way, Achievement Counts, and Connections Beyond the Classroom

Through partnerships with Maryland business, Fort Detrick has substantially improved services to the installation and the community. Improvements include overall communication and services to Soldiers, Families, and Civilians which are reflected in "Voice of the Customer," Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) assessments, and recent recognition as one of the five Best, Family Friendly Businesses in Frederick County, Maryland.

The Customer Service Program encompasses the Army Suggestion Program (ASP) and the ICE assessments. These tools help identify, elevate and resolve issues of concern to Soldiers, Families and Civilians. The Customer Service Program enhances community life and fosters readiness.

By listening to customers, monitoring gaps in performance, and developing plans to improve products and services, Fort Detrick actively drives continuous improvement to better meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

Fort Detrick is a proud member of the community, business partner and servant to the nation. As a Sustainable Community of Excellence, Fort Detrick looks for ways to open opportunities for small business through partnerships, outreach and education to embrace innovation and achievement to sustain vital national interests as well as the local and state economy.

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Sustainable Detrick

Fort Detrick is:

- Relevant...
A national asset, proudly protecting the nation and supporting the local economy

- Respectful...
People Count... customers and employees working together for service excellence

- Responsible...
Conserving resources, a recognized steward of the environment

- Ready...
Sustainable planning, preparing for tomorrow's challenges

Fort Detrick, Maryland
A Sustainable Community of Excellence

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