Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Fort Detrick
Restoration Advisory Board Meeting
January 20, 1999

  1. Attendance:
    The meeting was convened at 7:35 p.m., Thursday. Jan. 20, 1999, in Conference Room Three of the Goodloe E. Byron Building (810) at Fort Detrick.

    Members Present:

    • Col. Albert E. Kinkead, Commander, Fort Detrick
    • Lt. Col. Jeffery C. Springer, P.E., Chief, Safety, Health and Environment, Fort Detrick, Installation Co-chairman
    • Mr. Gerald P. Toomey, Community Co-Chairman
    • Mr. Norman M. Covert, Command Historian, Fort Detrick, RAB Administrator
    • Charles Billups, Ph.D., Community Member
    • Mr. Larry Bohn, Frederick County Health Department, Community Member
    • Michael J. Gresalfi, Ph.D., Community Member
    • Mr. Thomas P. Meyer, Project Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District (USACE)
    • Ms. Helen Miller-Scott, Community Member
    • Ms. Linda Robinson, Community Member
    • Stewart Taylor, Ph.D., P.E., Community Member
    • Craig R.Toussaint, Ph.D., Community Member
    • Mr. Thomas Wade, Community Member
    • Mr. Douglas T. Warnock, Installation Restoration Manager, Fort Detrick

    Others Present:

    • Mr. John Fairbank, Maryland State Department of the Environment (MDE)
    • Mr. David Iseri, ICF Kaiser (contractor)

    Members Absent:

    • William R. Effland, Ph.D., Community Member
    • Mr. Kelvin J. Kelkenberg, Community Member
    • Mr. Paul J. Offutt, Frederick County Health Department (Alternate), Community Member
    • Mr. Dennis Orenshaw, Project Officer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
    • Mr. Douglas T. Scarborough, Project Oversight Manager, U.S. Army Environmental Center (USAEC)
  2. Index of Minutes:

    Subject/Topic Paragraph/Item Number
    Review of documents3
    Status of new work in Area C4
    Availability of Funds5
    Status of on-going work6
    Residential well sampling results, Oct. 19987
    Shookstown Road well survey8
    Discussion of Independent Technical Review9
    Community RAB member comments to Area A FS, draft final document10
    FY99 prioritization List11
    Crum water hook-up12
  3. Norman Covert welcomed RAB members and introduced Co-Chairman LTC Jeff Springer. LTC Springer opened the meeting and introduced Tom Meyer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for an update on activities of the Fort Detrick Remedial Investigation (RI) and Feasibility Study (FS). Mr. Meyer said MDE comments have been received on the Area B RI draft. The Army has reviewed comments and responded with the Final due in March. The Area A FS draft is out for review with the final expected in July. The Area B FS is in preparation; the draft is due in March and the final by March 2000. Other scheduled document finals include: Area A Proposed Plan, July 2000; Area A Decision Document (DD), January 2001; Area B Proposed Plan (no-action sites), December 2000; Area B DD (no-action sites), July 2001; Area B Proposed Plan (Area B-11 and groundwater), April 2001; and Area B DD (Area B-11 and groundwater), September 2001. No changes have been made on the schedule.

  4. Mr. Meyer said new work is under way at Area C, the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Expanded Site Investigation (ESI) is being finalized. Sampling is being conducted in the sludge drying bed seeking the presence of Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), which records indicate were previously detected. Samples also are being taken from soil under the sludge drying beds, the former sludge staging area, the trickling filters site, where mercury seals were once used, and selected background locations. All sites, with the exception of trickling filters, will be screened for the full suite of contaminants, including radiation. Low levels of beta radiation were previously detected in sludge. Mr. Meyer said Area C was included in the 1994 work plan. Some record searches have been done, but no sampling. Mr. John Fairbank of Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) interjected that Area C is being investigated because the Army is studying privatization of the water and waste water treatment facilities. The action would require sampling under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) guidelines.

  5. Availability of funds for the Area C project was discussed. It was conceded that funds are limited and decisions might have to be made based on new priorities. LTC Springer pointed out U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) now must split its Defense Environmental Restoration Account (DERA) funds to three installations, including Fort Detrick. Fort Detrick receives even less, however, the Independent Technical Review (ITR) report could raise our visibility and need for funding. Mr. Warnock added Fort Detrick no longer is receiving 75 percent of MEDCOM DERA funds. Last year, MEDCOMÕs budget was $3 million. He said money has been redirected for the Area C project, reducing the chance of the water tower project being completed this fiscal year. Money was directed for the Area A FS plus Area C. Any monies remaining will be used for the water towers. Mr. Fairbank said Fort Detrick could consider leasing the water and waste water treatment plants, but not the property. Property transfer could be completed once clean-up is completed.

  6. On-going work includes the finalized work plan for a dye trace study in the Robinson Spring site. The first of the bimonthly perimeter sampling was completed Jan. 7, with results expected in late February; quarterly sampling, including interior wells, is scheduled Feb. 22-Mar. 5. The first automatic sampling at Robinson Spring Box was completed in November 1998. Some data is available. Also included in on-going work is the ITR report review and comments by Fort Detrick.

  7. Mr. Meyer discussed results of October 1998 residential well sampling along Montevue Lane and Shookstown Road. All samples were non-detects with the exception of two low level readings. Sampling will continue on a bimonthly schedule. The RAB will be notified of any changes. He said preliminary data from the Robinson Box Spring is still being reviewed, but reveals little difference in stage data. PCE data is "fairly constant" with concentrations showing little change. The groundwater standard for both TCE and PCE is 5 ppb.

  8. The Shookstown Road well survey for the area between Montevue Lane and Baughman's Lane produced nine responses. Two locations can be sampled; three need to be field checked. One functioning well is not capped.

  9. Mr. Meyer discussed the ITR, which took place at Fort Detrick between Dec. 1-3, 1998. Among the ITR preliminary comments, they reported there is legal justification for continued work at Area B. These precedents consider that low levels of contamination may be released over a long period of time, high levels released over short intervals, and consideration that vapor transport of TCE is probable. Near-term actions to consider are gathering more data, assessing soil vapor extractions as an interim action, which could become final action, and a final clean-up option. It is premature to determine long-term actions with the present data, the ITR reported. Mr. Warnock said the ITR report should be available electronically January 21 and hard copy within the next 10 days. Copies of the report and Fort Detrick's response will be mailed to RAB members. The Army has 30 days to respond after receipt of the electronic copy. RAB members may provide any individual comments to Mr. Covert. Mr. Warnock distributed copies of the EPA "Citizen's Guide to Soil Vapor Extraction."

  10. Mr. Gerald Toomey, community co-chairman, distributed copies of the RAB community members comments on the Area A FS draft final document. Mr. Toomey, Ms. Linda Robinson, Dr. Craig Toussaint and Dr. Stewart Taylor explained their individual comments. The question was asked whether Building 568 should be included the draft final document. Mr. Fairbank pointed out that this site must be included. The contamination in 568 is an on-going control activity. He will be commenting on this and other issues in his response. The RAB will be able to review the comments. Mr. Fairbank said there would be changes in the Area A document as a result of the collected comments. Mr. Iseri commented that cleanup technologies mentioned may not be able to meet National Contingency Plan (NCP) criteria due to the unpredictability of karst geology in the area. Fort Detrick must look at what is technically practicable if the stated cleanup alternatives fail to meet the standards. LTC Springer thanked RAB members for their substantive comments. They will be useful in finalizing the document as well as future reports. He apologized that the group was unable to meet in Conference Room 3 Jan. 9, 1999. He assured the RAB we will get our own key so the room is readily available for use in the future.

  11. Mr. Toussaint asked about status of priorities for FY99. Mr. Warnock said he has met with the Corps about the plan, but the ITR will be an influence on our priorities. He hopes tha t list can be finalized after the Army responds to the ITR.

  12. Mr. Toussaint asked if anything had been done about getting Mr. Crum, who resides on Rocky Springs Road, hooked into Fort Detrick's water supply. Mr. Covert said the Army is writing up an agreement which must be finalized and signed by Mr. Crum before it can be given to the contractor.

  13. LTC Springer said he would like to see the RAB exhibit board updated with individual photos and short bios of each RAB member, as well as posed and action group shots and outside field work. Ms. Krauss will contact Visual Information to make arrangements for individual shots as well as attendance of a photographer at the next RAB.

  14. It was agreed the next RAB meeting will take place at 7:30 p.m., Wed., Mar. 24, 1999. Items to be addressed at the next RAB meeting include:

    • Discussion of ITR report responses
    • Area A Feasibility Study
    • Priority/Budget list
    • Crum water hook-up update
    • Discussion of Area C
  15. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Jeffery C. Springer, P.E.
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Albert E.Kinkead
Colonel, U.S. Army

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