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Speakers' Bureau

Speakers' Bureau

The Fort Detrick Speakers Bureau is a program for improving community relations and increasing public understanding of the Army and Fort Detrick.

Military and Civilian men and women are ready to tell your group about their work, travels, experiences and hobbies. They are well-qualified professionals who know how to capture and maintain an audience's attention. If you would like to request a speaker, please fill out the form and the Public Affairs Office will contact you.

Requester must email their request at least 2 weeks in advance of a scheduled event.

Because of the dynamics of Fort Detrick and the diverse missions each service endures it is not always possible to obtain the services of a speaker. Requests will be validated and assigned based on availability of personnel from the assigned services. If the Fort Detrick Speaker cannot commit to a request, the requesting organization/person will be notified by Fort Detrick Public Affairs. Speakers will not accept invitations when the sponsor excludes any person from membership based or race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.

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