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Household Goods — Inbound/Outbound

Location: JPPSO-Washington Area Ft Belvoir, Va.
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Hours: 0800-1630, M-F

Moving truck

NOTE: For customers with shipments processed thru the new Defense Personal Property System (DP3/DPS), these paragraphs apply:

a. Your main point of contact about your shipment is your Transportation Service Provider (or commonly called carrier) to update any information: change of delivery address, destination phone contact information, email address, delivery date, change of delivery date, Storage In Transit (SIT), etc.

b. You may contact the Help Desk at 1-800-462-2176 if you have a problem with your password, or if you can't access the IVR.

c. If you need assistance from the Ft Detrick Personal Property Office due to problems during the delivery of your shipment, call 301-619-7179. You must advise her that you are a customer with a DPS shipment.

Location: Bldg. 1520
Phone: 301-619-7179
Hours: Hours: 0800-1630, M-T-Th-F
0800-1430, Wednesday
Closed for lunch 1130-1230

On-Line Counseling: http://www.move.mil

Entitlement to Shipment of Household Goods

You are authorized shipment of household goods in one lot. The authorized destinations for your personal property are:

  • New permanent duty station
  • TDY station
  • Home of record (separation move)
  • Place of entry in the Service (separation move)
  • Designated location, as determined by your orders and the Joint Federal Travel Regulations
  • Home of selection (retirement move)
  • Other locations, but subject to excess costs.

Weight Allowance

Your weight allowance is established under provisions of the Joint Federal Travel Regulations and is the maximum weight you can move at government expense.

To avoid excess weight charges, stay within your authorized weight allowance by estimating early and disposing of unnecessary possessions. When you receive a notification for exceeding your weight allowance, check it carefully. Often you may not have received credit for professional books, papers and equipment or some other entitlement. If you have any question concerning your excess weight, contact your transportation office. You are entitled to have your shipment reweighed prior to delivery at destination. A request for a reweigh can be made through the transportation office either at origin or at destination prior to delivery.

PCS weight allowances do not apply when:

  • Vacating government or government-controlled quarters upon separation and retirement when ordered to vacate by competent authority and movement is to a local residence pending election of home of record/selection
  • Moving to occupy government or government-controlled quarters
  • Vacating local economy quarters in compliance with orders

Packing and Pick-Up Dates

The size of your household goods shipment determines how much time is need for packing and pick-up. The following rules of thumb will give you an idea how much time should be allotted for packing your household:

NOTE: Estimates Only

Weight Estimate Packing Pick-up
Less than 4,000 lbs 1 Day Same Day
4,000 lbs to 8,000 lbs 2 Days 1 Day
8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs 3 Days 1 Day
More than 12,000 lbs 4 Days 1 Day

Carriers generally will not pack or pick up on holidays or weekends. During the peak moving season from June through August, available dates fill quickly, so contact your transportation office early if you are planning to move during these months. Your preferred packing and pick-up dates should not be any sooner than 10 calendar days from the date you submit your paperwork.


Loss and Damage report and claims must be filed within DPS. Remember you have 75 days from your date of delivery to initiate the claims process. Please follow the link below for more information.


POV Shipments

Location: 2501 Broening Highway Baltimore, Md. 21224
Phone: 1-800-631-5751/410-631-5756
Hours: 0800-1600, M-F
Website: https://www.pcsmypov.com/

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