Industrial Hygiene

Fort Detrick
Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Health Office

Army Publications

  • AR 40-5 [PDF], Preventive Medicine
  • AR 40-562 [PDF], Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis

  • TB MED 507 [PDF], Heat Stress Control and Heat Casualty Management
  • TB MED 508 [PDF], Prevention and Management of Cold-Weather Injuries
  • TB MED 530 [PDF], Food Service Sanitation
  • TB MED 561 [PDF], Pest Surveillance
  • TB MED 575 [PDF], Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities
  • TB MED 576 [PDF], Sanitary Control and Surveillance of Water Supplies at Fixed Installations
  • TB MED 577 [PDF], Sanitary Control and Surveillance of Field Water Supplies

  • TG 006 [PDF], Vision and Safety Eyewear for U.S. Army Civilian and Military Job Series
  • TG 141 [PDF], Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling and Bulk Sampling Instructions
  • TG 156 [PDF], Questions & Answers: Video Display Terminals
  • TG 175 [PDF], Readiness Thru Hearing Conservation, A Guide for Unit Leaders and Supervisors
  • TG 177 [PDF], Commanders Guide to Regulated Medical Waste Management at Medical Treatment Facilities
  • TG 190 [PDF], Guide to Managing Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
  • TG 250 [PDF], Readiness Thru Hearing Conservation
  • TG 277 [PDF], Army Facilities Management Information Document on Mold Remediation Issues
  • TG 278 [PDF], Industrial Hygiene/Preventive Medicine Mold Assessment Guide

Other IH Publications

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