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In the last decade, evolutional changes in communication, science, and technology have drastically changed, and sometimes challenged, how we approach food safety and public health protection. Foods previously believed to be non-potentially hazardous have now been implicated in food borne disease outbreaks.

To be effective, responsibilities for new food safety and public health protection programs are shared between the food industry, the Government, and the public.

On 25 January 1997, the President of the United States announced the beginning of a National Food Safety Initiative to reduce the number of food borne illnesses. This initiative emphasizes program development to enhance the surveillance and reporting of food borne illnesses, development of new research methods for pathogen detection, improvement in inspection programs to include the implementation of risk-based Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs, and greater food safety education.

Testing Food Holding Tempatures

As a leader and a partner in the public health community, the U.S. Army embraces the National Food Safety Initiative through the development and implementation of this bulletin. (excerpt from TB MED 530)

Fort Detrick food operations are held to a high standard of food sanitation and food service employee education to ensure soldiers, civilians, and family members are afforded a safe, healthy dining experience.

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