Fort Detrick
Hazardous Materials Management Office

Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1630

201 Beasley Drive, Suite 216
Fort Detrick, MD 21702

Phone: 301-619-6938

Mission Statement

The Hazardous Materials Management Office is dedicated to providing comprehensive Hazardous Materials Management to the Fort Detrick Community. The Hazardous Materials Management Office strives to provide the highest degree of professional and technical assistance, continually examines every avenue to reduce costs, and spares no effort to minimize the overall inherent risks associated with the handling and disposal of Hazardous Materials.


  • Hazardous Materials Exchange Program: Hazardous Items that have been either excessed from organizations or turned in for disposal that are still usable are offered for free to Government organizations.
  • Hazardous/Radioactive Waste Disposal: All hazardous waste generated on the Installation is collected, packaged, stored and shipped out of this office.
  • Soiled Shop Rag Program: The Hazardous Material Management Office in an attempt to relive each organization of the regulatory restraints of storage and proper disposal, the Shop Rag Exchange Program has been implemented. Any organization requiring shop rags should contact this office, provide estimates of usage, pick up clean rags then exchange one for one when fresh rags are required.
  • Wet Battery Consolidation Program: In an effort to reduce waste costs, this office removes all hazardous liquid from the lead acid batteries into one container and finds recycles for the empty batteries.
  • Oil Filter Consolidation Program: This program was implemented to keep as much oil out of Fort Detrick's landfill as possible. This office picks up all used oil filters from organizations that maintain vehicles and crush the filter to remove excess oil, collect it, and ship the used oil and crushed filter via Safety Kleen contractor for proper disposition.
  • Aerosol Can Collection and Consolidation Program: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ruled that all aerosol cans are "Reactive" which classifies them as hazardous wastes. This office also collects all aerosol cans, punctures (closed system with hepa filter) the cans and removes all residual and recycles the empty containers.
  • Precious Metals: The precious metals on this installation are processed through the Hazardous Materials Office.
  • Controlled Substances Program: Controlled substances turned in for disposal.
  • Silver Recovery Program: All processes that generate effluent (Film Development) that go directly into the sanitary sewer are funneled through recovery filters. These filters are monitored for their effectiveness. When the filters lose their effectiveness they are turned into DRMS for proper disposition.
  • Household Hazardous Materials Program: In an effort to keep household hazardous materials out of the Fort Detrick landfill, we are implementing an exchange program. The program is open to all military personnel and dependents to save money be using items hand and donate unused portions for future use.

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