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Balfour Beatty Communities at Fort Detrick
Balfour Beatty Communities at Fort Detrick

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The Housing Division is responsible for providing quality management and oversight of all permanent and transient housing programs and to ensure adequate housing is provided for all U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Detrick tenants and Raven Rock Mountain Complex soldiers.

  • RCI Liaison Office, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing, Community Home finding, and Relocation and Referral Services (CHRRS)
    Hours: 0800-1530
  • In and Out Processing
    Hours: 0900-1100 and 1300-1500
  • Inspections (By appointment only)
    Hours: 0800-1400

Family Housing

The housing division transferred family housing operations to our business partner, Balfour Beatty Communities. Balfour Beatty Communities is responsible for the operation and maintenance of family housing. They are located in Building 1401 Sultan Street. Balfour Beatty Communities' operating hours are Monday - Friday, 0800-1700. They can be reached at 240-379-6518. This number is also used to contact their service order/work order desk, during normal business hours. They have an answering service on this line after duty hours to handle emergencies. Visit the Balfour Beatty Communities website

Resident Guide for Fort Detrick

Resident Guide for Glen Haven

Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH)

Telephone: 301-619-3224/3419

The Housing Office is responsible for assigning adequate space to single Soldiers in pay grades E1-E5. Orders and duty telephone number are required for in-processing. Soldiers requiring Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH) must also have a current (within 60 days) end-of-month Leave and Earnings Statement.

In accordance with recent changes in Army policy, incoming single Soldiers in the grade of E6 will be authorized basic allowance for housing (BAH) at the without dependent rate and will be required to reside off post. Additionally, geographical bachelors (Soldiers entitled to BAH at the "with dependent" rate, who are voluntarily separated from their family members) are not authorized assignment to permanent party UEPH.

For more information, call 301-619-3224 or 301-619-3419 from 0800-1600, Monday-Friday.

Community Home finding, Relocation and Referral Services (CHRRS)

Formally known as the Housing Referral Office, the CHRRS office has a broader array of services to offer military and civilian personnel. The CHRRS office maintains a list of available home listings for rent or purchase. We can assist you with temporary lodging, an overview of community resources and amenities, provide maps, school information and other community service information. We provide desk spaces and telephones for your use and are able to give you information about the housing market at your next duty station. Military personnel reporting for duty at Fort Detrick are REQUIRED to report to the Housing Office prior to seeking off-post rental housing.

Fort Detrick Area Hotels/Motels

Hotel/Motel Listing [PDF]

This information is furnished for the benefit of prospective travelers and is not to be construed as an endorsement or recommendation for the Motels concerned by U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Detrick or the U.S. Army. Direct updates or corrections to the Housing Services Office, 1520 Freedman Drive Room 202, Fort Detrick, MD 21702; 301-619-3224, fax-301-619-2010, or E-mail us.

Fort Detrick Army Lodging was officially closed as of 30 September 2004. Statements of non-availability are not required. (FMWR Availability of Quarters & Dining ).

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