Fort Detrick
Directorate, Human Resources (DHR)

Official Mail Distribution Center (OMDC)

Phone: 301-619-2233

Official Mail Distribution Center
9200 Amber Drive, Suite 115
Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702

Official Mail Distribution Center (OMDC)

Fort Detrick is served by the Frederick Branch, U.S. Postal Service. Incoming mail is delivered to the Official Mail Distribution Center, sorted and distributed to the various offices and headquarters on post.

  • Soldiers' mail is distributed through personal boxes at the barracks.
  • Office and soldiers' mail is picked up daily and returned to the Mail/Distribution Center.
  • Accountable packages or mail that must be picked up at the Official Mail Distribution Center can be picked up on all business days according to the following schedule:
    • Monday thru Friday from 0730-1600, except Thursdays.
    • Thursday from 0830-1630
  • Special arrangements for pickup can be made by calling ext. 301-619-2233.

Mail Center Notice for Soldiers Assigned Mailboxes

Mail Call is held in Bldg 1532 from 1100-1230 Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.

Holding Requirements:

Mail not picked up within these time frames is required to be returned to the United States Postal Service.

  • Accountable Mail = 15 days
  • Oversized Packages = 15 days
  • Express Mail = 5 days
  • All other mail with prior arrangements (see note below) = upon return

Accountable & Express Mail and/or Oversized Packages:

  • The OMDC will notify that you have an item to be picked up by placing a delivery notice PS Form 3849A in your mailbox.
  • Bring delivery notice and your ID to the Official Mail Distribution Center during normal business hours.

Extended Leave, TDYs and/or valid unavailability to pick up mail:

  • You must complete and sign a delivery notice PS Form 3849A and provide in writing a person that will be authorized to pick up your mail.
  • The name you provide must be written on this form.
  • Only the individual you have assigned will be required to come to the Official Mail Distribution Center with positive ID to pick up your mail.

Full Mailboxes:

  • Excessive mail accumulation is monitored by the OMDC.
  • When a mailbox exceeds capacity, mail will be removed and brought back to Official Mail Distribution Center.
  • A notice will be placed in this mailbox of where mail is located and the unit of service member will be contacted.
  • If mail is not picked up and/or arrangements have not been made by the organization the mail will be returned to the USPS 15 days upon entering the Official Mail Distribution Center.

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