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Bldg. 1520, Freedman Drive

Phone: 301-619-2120

What is the Ft. Detrick Healthy Workplace Initiative?

The Fort Detrick HWP is a wellness initiative that provides the workforce an array of health promotion activities. Encouraging "total fitness" of mental and physical health improves productivity and enhances the work environment.

As an introduction to incorporating healthy alternatives, the HWP, in accordance with Army Regulation 600-63, Army Health Promotion, 17 November 1987, allows civilian employees up to three hours per week for a six to eight week period to participate in fitness programs sponsored on the installation. Hopefully, the introduction to a wellness program will encourage our employees to continue their new programs. In order to support participants in their wellness efforts after the six to eight week period, commanders and supervisors are encouraged to implement flexible work scheduling consistent with workload and mission requirements.

A healthy work environment increases morale and productivity. Whatever we can do to promote the well-being of our civilian employees has my full support.

For additional information on the Healthy Workplace Program call 301-619-2120 or by email at

Guidelines for Civilian Employee Participation In The Physical Fitness Program


  • Open to all civilian employees.
  • The program is completely voluntary for civilian employees.
  • Health education classes will be offered.

Participant's Responsibilities

  • Recommend participant obtain a health risk appraisal, which is a lifestyle survey that includes a cholesterol and blood pressure screening, plus healthy lifestyle counseling. The cost of this medical examination must be completely borne by the individual.
  • Inform supervisor as to when they will be participating in your physical fitness.
  • Physical exercise training, monitoring, and/or educational programs will occur on Fort Detrick.

Participant's Responsibilities

  • Supervisors should encourage participation in the program and maintain a log of when employee participates in program.
  • Maintain records to support fitness training (i.e., employee's request and supporting documents).
  • Consistent with mission requirements, use discretion in allowing times for fitness activities. Permitted activities will not exceed three hours per week of duty time for a six to eight week period.

Permitted Activities:

  • Employees must participate in an aerobic or cardiovascular fitness activity (e.g., brisk walking, jogging, floor aerobics, lap swimming, tennis, basketball, etc.). An aerobic activity uses large muscle groups usually rhythmically, and is maintained for a prolonged period of time, such as 20-60 minutes for three to five times per week. Combination of activities may be permitted, such as walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes and weight/strength training for 20 minutes.
  • Exercise that will be done in any secluded area on the Installation must be done by two (2) persons.

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