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1520 Freedman Drive, Suite 200
Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702-9226

ACES Education Center

Main office for training and education.

Learning Resource Center


Monday and Wednesday: 0700-2000
Tuesday and Thursday: 0700-1630
Friday: 0700-1600
Saturday: 0900-1300

Please note that the Army Learning Center located in Bldg 1520, ACES has 18 computer stations available to conduct on-line training. This service is available to all Fort Detrick personnel. If you are having difficulty meeting your educational needs at your work station, please make use of this valuable asset.

Call 301-619-2854, or E-mail, the ACES Ed Center today!

Raven Rock Mountain Complex Training and Education Sub-center

Hours: Monday - Wednesday, 0800-1600, Thrusday, 0800-1600.

DSN: 988-2618/3468
Comm: 717-878-2618/3468.

Advanced Technology Classroom (ATC)

The Advanced Technology Classroom is a part of the ACES Education Center, located at Fort Detrick. ACES provides Fort Detrick with "one stop" convenience for educational and training needs by providing a modern learning environment for active duty military, reservists, and DoD civilians with emphasis on distance learning. The ATC is a state of the art computerized classroom for group instruction and collaborative work, 22 workstations.


Quality Environment for
Productive Meetings

Introducing the most advanced and comprehensive meeting center which encourages teamwork and the exchange of ideas. This facility offers a unique conference experience - combining the educational/learning component of your meeting with state-of-the-art information management and communication technology.

Technology Enhancements

Technology, personal computers, and information management improves individual performance in large and small organizations, both public and private. Where personal computers were once used only to improve individual productivity, the ATC can help group productivity by supporting collaborative processes.

The ATC Supports the "Keys" to Creating a Winning Organization

  • Teamwork - Employees must shift from competing to partnering.
  • Leadership - Must move from controlling to instilling a vision created through sharing.
  • Innovation and Learning - Must become a system that expects creative problem solving, learns from mistakes, and encourages skill-building.
  • Communication - Data must be easily accessible to everyone.
  • Empowerment - Workers must stop merely following orders, begin making decisions and being accountable for results.

The Advanced Technology Classroom will reduce the amount of time spent in meetings. It can make your meetings more productive, assisting in better and faster decisions. The ATC will help.


  • 22 spacious work stations - each participant enjoys a spacious area with ergonomically designed chairs;
  • Computer technology - furnished with the latest hardware and software programs;
  • Computer-based decision software - make brainstorming, focus group and strategic planning faster and more effective using Ventana group systems software;
  • Distance learning capability - customized - designed or off-the-shelf-classes enhance learning in many disciplines;
  • Advanced built-in audiovisual equipment - ensures effective presentations are delivered;
  • Video telecommunications capability - allows you to participate in discussions, lectures, and demonstrations from around the world;
  • Trained technical staff - ensures all your needs are exceeded;
  • Expert group facilitator - streamlines the decision process;
  • Administrative support - telephone, fax and copier service.

MOS Library

Army MOS training and field manuals, military history books, language tapes, computer manuals, and military regulations (1520 Freedman Drive)

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