Fort Detrick
Thrift Shop Consignor's Handbook

Consignments Accepted: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 1000-1400.

This Handbook is intended to give helpful guidance to new and repeat consignors at the Thrift Shop at Fort Detrick. Updates and additional information will be posted on this website.


Any active duty or retired member of the Armed Forces, their family members, civilian personnel and contract civilians working at Fort Detrick and their family members are authorized to consign items for sale at the Thrift Shop.

First time, new consignors MUST have an appointment to set up an account, describe our procedures and assist in processing the first consignment. Cost for establishing a new account is $5.00 (one-time). Items for consignment may be brought to this appointment. The consignment fee for each contract sheet of items (14 items per sheet) is $1.00. Call 301-619-2289 to schedule.

Consignors may bring an unlimited number of items daily. All clothing must be on hangers which may be picked up at the Shop.

Contract and Expiration dates for clothing and furniture links can found to the right.

Changes in consignment dates, shop closings, etc., will be posted on this website and on flyers throughout the Shop.

Each consignor is charged a fee of $1.00 for each contract sheet of consigned items. An unlimited number of items may be consigned. Shoes, hats, scarves and gloves are considered clothing.

No item may be consigned for less than $2.50, except books.

Fall and winter items are accepted from August 1 until January 31. Spring and summer items are accepted from February 1 until July 31. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Thrift Shop DOES NOT ACCEPT:

  • Computers, monitors, printers, etc., over one year old
  • Tires
  • Mattresses/box springs
  • Microwave ovens
  • Exercise equipment
  • Televisions
  • Car seats
  • Clothing that is dirty, worn, or torn
  • Bathing suits (except children's with original store tag attached)
  • Shoes (except in "like new" condition)
  • Underwear or lingerie (except with original store tags attached)
  • Sleepwear (except for children's up to size 6)
  • Appliances which are not working


The Thrift Shop will accept consignments of used furniture in good condition. The following guidelines apply:

  • No sofas or upholstered items.
  • Limit three (3) items per consignor per week.
  • Furniture will be consigned for 30 days.
  • Furniture consignments must be listed on separate contract.
  • Consignors are responsible for delivery and moving furniture to the sales floor. Thrift Shop staff will not assist with moving furniture.


Due to space limitations, computers may not be consigned without pre-authorization from the Shop manager.

The Thrift Shop Manager has the final authority concerning the acceptance of all items.

The Consignor guarantees that all consigned items are in wearable/operable condition and can be used for the purpose intended.

The Thrift Shop will take all reasonable precautions, but will not be responsible for loss of or damage to consigned items.


The Thrift Shop provides blank contract sheets (see attached example), yellow sales tags, hangers and tagging devices. You are welcome to pick up blank contracts, hangers and sales tags to complete at home. This will save you time at the Shop. Contract and expiration dates, the contract sheet and a sheet of tags for copying are available on our web page. We will provide yellow card stock if you want to copy your tags at home.


This is your unique consignor number. A Thrift Shop staff member will assign this number. It is coded to the year and the number of consignors that year. For example, contract number 02-42 was issued in calendar year 2002 and that person was the 42nd consignor registered. You will keep this same number as long as you consign at the Thrift Shop.


Contract Date: This is the date items are consigned. This date is also used on the sales tag.

Expiration Date: This date is 60 calendar days after the contract date. This date is also used on the sales tag.

Email Address: Optional. This will be used to notify you of shop closings, changes in consignment acceptance dates and Thrift Shop special events. Email addresses will not be released outside the Thrift Shop.

Article Number, Description, Price: Include a complete description of each item including color and size as appropriate. Prices are determined by the consignor. (See Helpful Hints)

Consignor/Date: You, as consignor, sign and date the contract. This signifies your agreement with the terms and conditions on the reverse of the contract.

Checked and Received By: A Thrift Shop staff member will inspect your items and tags and sign your contract. The contract is retained at the Thrift Shop.


The Thrift Shop uses yellow sales tags for consigned items. A sales tag is attached to each individual item being sold before it is placed on the sales floor.

Contract Date: Use the date stamp at the Shop to stamp the Contract Date listed at the top of your contract. This date also may be legibly handwritten.

Consignment #: This number is a combination of your contract number and item number (for example 04-24-1).

Expiration Date: Use the date stamp at the Shop to stamp the expiration date listed at the top of your contract. (Sixty days from consignment date.) This date also may be legibly handwritten.

The sales tag is then attached to the item being sold either by a tagger (available at the Thrift Shop) or by using masking tape. Please don't use scotch tape. (See Helpful Hints)


After your items have been tagged, a Thrift Shop staff person MUST check your sales tags and the condition of your consigned items before they are placed on the sales floor. The staff person will then sign and date your contract sheet(s).

The Thrift Shop has designated areas for clothing, house wares, nursery items, linens, books, etc. Each consignor places their items on the sales floor. If in doubt where to place an item, ask a staff person!

After placing your items on the sales floor, take your signed contract sheet(s) to the front desk to pay the $1.00/sheet consignment fee. This fee is in addition to the $5.00 new consignor fee.


Your contract with the Thrift Shop is valid for 60 days from the Contract Date and you retain ownership of the item during that time. The following options are available to you during this 60-day period:

  • Change Price: To change the price, locate the item on the sales floor. Cross out the old price on the sales tag. Write in the new price and initial it. Do the same for the item on the contract sheet itself--be sure to initial the change. If there is a discrepancy between the contract price and sales tag price, the contract price will be considered the valid selling price.
  • Remove Item from Shop: Locate the item on the sales floor and take it to the front desk. On the contract sheet under the heading, "Return to Owner", initial and date. Discard the sales tag and sticker. Removed items may be re-consigned after 30 days.

Ownership of the item and prices you set are valid until the close of business on the date listed as the Expiration Date. If the item has not sold or been removed, it then becomes the property of the Thrift Shop.


The Thrift Shop staff posts consignment sales to individual contract sheets on the next business day. You are welcome to check your contract sales any time during Shop hours. The contract books are available at the front desk and are filed by contract number (02-42 would be filed in the 2002 contract book).

At the end of each month, your total consignment sales for that month are calculated and you are issued a check for 75% of the total monthly sales. Checks are available at the front desk usually no later than one week after the end of the month. Amounts less than $3.00 are paid in cash. You may also provide self-addressed stamped envelopes if you want your consignment check mailed. Consignment checks are void after 90 days. Voided checks will not be reissued.


The Thrift Shop accepts donations of items, excluding furniture. Items may be dropped off during Shop hours or placed in the Donation Box located outside the Shop. Clothing should be in plastic bags or boxes before being placed in the donation box. A donation receipt for tax purposes will be provided on request.


Condition of consigned items: Clothing that is pressed displays well on the sales floor. Appliances that are clean with instruction books also present well.

Description of items on Sales Tag and Contract: The item description should provide the potential customer with as much information about the item as possible. This is especially important with computers/electronics. For example:

  • Clothing: Size.
  • Bedding: Queen, full, twin, flat or fitted.
  • Curtains/Drapes: Length and width (48x63)
  • Table linens: Size and shape (70" round)

Pricing: Consignors determine their own prices. Consignment pricing generally should not be based on the original cost of an item. Before pricing your items, it may be helpful to check the sales floor for prices of similar items. If an item doesn't sell within the first month, you may want to consider reducing the price (Section G).

Toys: We suggest putting small toys into zip lock bags with the Sales Tag inside. Boxed games and puzzles should be taped shut with masking tape so pieces are not lost. On the Sales Tag note "complete or "all pieces inside". For larger toys with small accessory pieces we suggest putting the accessory pieces in a zip lock bag with the consignment number inside and giving those pieces to the front desk. On the Sales Tag, note "additional pieces at front desk", and attach it to the large toy being displayed.

If in doubt how to hang, tag, or where to place your items on the sales floor -- please ask the Thrift Shop staff; they are more than willing to assist you.


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