Fort Detrick
Tax Assistance Program

Phone Number: 301-619-1040/1041

0900-1600, Monday-Friday
Note: Closed on federal and training holidays.

Tax Center
Community Support Center, Bldg. 1520
1520 Freedman Drive
2nd Floor, Classroom #5B
Fort Detrick, Md. 21702


Tax Assistance Program

The Tax Center is Closed.

Free Income Tax Assistance for Military Personnel and their Families

The Fort Detrick Tax Center will open at 1 p.m. on Jan. 25, to assist active and retired members of the armed forces, including mobilized reservists, and family members, with filing both federal and state income tax returns.

The Tax Center is an IRS-designated Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site that is a personal readiness and quality-of-life program. Managed by the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, it operates with the support of unit commanders. This year, commanders have detailed seven soldiers to staff the Tax Center. A cadre of four civilian volunteers will also serve.

Eligible taxpayers must bring a completed questionnaire/in-take form, a military identification card, and a social security card (or photocopy) for each person named on the return to receive assistance. To download the in-take form and as well as view other helpful information designed to make your visit a one-stop success.

If you have not visited a military tax center before, here are some reasons to do so this season. First, services are free. We estimate we saved the community nearly $250,000 in commercial fees in 2015. Second, your refund is deposited on average within a range of 7-10 days after the return is submitted. Third, you receive quality assistance.

Upon visiting the center, you will encounter well-trained and certified preparers. Each preparer has received 40 hours of instruction on federal tax law and tax preparation software and passed a rigorous three-part, IRS-required certification test. The training and certification is limited to tax issues encountered by taxpayers with low to moderate income as well as those encountered by taxpayers in our military community. (For instance, each preparer is certified to file a Schedule E so you may report rent received for a home owned at a previous location that has not sold since you received change-of-station orders.) Should you need assistance with a subject that exceeds the expertise of the preparers in the Tax Center, you will be referred to the attorney in the Legal Assistance office.

However, even the legal assistance attorney is prohibited by regulation from preparing a Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business, because Army policy prohibits assistance with any matter related to a personal business or enterprise. This includes help filing a tax return. So, if you earn money as sole proprietor or independent contractor, the Tax Center cannot assist you. There is one exception. The Tax Center personnel may prepare a Schedule C-EZ for a family child care (FCC) provider enrolled under the Child and Youth Services Program.

Location: Community Support Center, Classroom #5B, 2nd Floor, 1520 Freedman Drive, Fort Detrick, MD 21702

Phone Number: (301) 619-1040

Hours Available for Appointments (after opening day): 9:00 a.m. – 4: 00 p.m. Monday-Friday