03 June 2016
Col. Robert O’Brien, USAG Fort Detrick Commander
On June 14, the United States Army is celebrating its 241st birthday, and we will honor the day with festivities in front of the post headquarters. One of the ways we will be celebrating the birthday is by bringing a tradition back to Fort Detrick, the firing of the cannon during reveille and retreat.
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07 December 2015
Chaplain Michael Jeffries
December begins the season of lights. People will start hanging lights on their houses; cities will put up lights along the streets to celebrate the holidays; businesses will put out special seasonal lights and decorations; the Jewish community will celebrate Hanukah by the lighting of the menorah; and Kwanzaa will be celebrated by the lighting of candles each representing aspects of the African culture. The season of lights begins this December, driving out the darkness and pointing towards hope.
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16 August 2013
Richard D. Jessup Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Garrison Fort Detrick, Maryland
Growing up in North Carolina, I was the son of a state worker and an educator who believed in hard work and discipline. With strict parents, joining the Army was an easy transition because order and authority I understood. I never thought about doing anything else.
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14 June 2013
Today we celebrate the 238th birthday of the United States Army. An Army established to defend the principles of freedom, a team of teams of all voluntary members, representing all traditions of American society, and sacrificing all for the defense of their Nation.
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03 May 2013
May 12 is Mother’s Day, something you cannot have missed if you turn on the TV or listen to the radio. There are ads for everything that is the “perfect Mother’s Day gift” on every channel, ad nauseam. It seems in our society that a little egg-looking device that scrapes the skin off feet is now the “perfect” way to tell mom you love her.

What a change this is from how Mother’s Day began.

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27 March 2013
There is an old saying, “May you live in interesting times.” It is pretty safe to say that we are, as government employees, service members and contractors, living in interesting times.
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07 December 2012

Every year, as the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, we begin to anticipate the holiday season. While this time is traditionally marked with joy and cheer, it can also add additional stress and cause us to recall unhappy memories or feelings.

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09 November 2012
This Sunday is Veterans Day. The brave action of our veterans endures in the pages of our history. On Sunday, I want us all to not only remember their gallantry on the battlefield, but also spend a moment reflecting on the lasting legacy of strength and service they brought with them when they returned home.
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17 September 2012

 By: Command Sgt. Maj. Redd

Greetings to the Fort Detrick Family. I sincerely hope that each of you enjoyed your summer spending time with your families, time to yourself, enjoying the pleasures that the summer brings. Now we are approaching a change in season. For some that means children going back to school; some are going for the first time and others are going to college. Routines are changing from the summer norm. Now it is time for homework, papers, sporting events, daylight savings time ending and an array of things that can place a person off balance. Reducing some of life’s stressors can be challenging at times, but I encourage you to seek that balance in your life. Whether it is a hobby that you enjoy or just simply enjoying the roses of life, the fall or autumn season is a wonderful time of year, from the crispness in the morning air, the changing of the green leaves to radiant shades of orange, red and brown, creating a beauty that signifies a new beginning, a new life. Soon what was lush and green will slowly go away, wrapped in a cocoon waiting to reappear. Simply put, a time of reflection. A time to sit back, exhale and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

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25 May 2012
As we approach the long awaited Memorial Day Weekend we find ourselves starting to plan and prepare for cookouts, pool parties, and relaxing in the sun. It is important that we remember to practice safe habits for an enjoyable time, free of accidents and injuries with family and friends.
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17 February 2012
Is there ever an excuse not to work safely?
Is there ever an excuse not to work safely? In one sense or another we get confronted with this question every day. There are deadlines and people looking over our shoulders (sometimes literally), or the weather is nasty and we want to take that little short cut to get the job done quicker.
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19 January 2012
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.
One of the world's greatest advocates of non-violent social change strategies, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was one of the most influential men of our times. He was an outstanding civil rights activist who fought the "good fight" in his quest to see justice, peace, equality, and righteousness in America for all people. On January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, he entered the world as the first son and second child born to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr., and Alberta Williams King. In 1953, he married the former Coretta Scott, a music student and native of Alabama. Together they raised four children.
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24 August 2011
Army Career and Alumni Program: Supporting Soldier career success
The decision to transition out of uniform is as important as the initial decision to put it on. Soldiers deserve as much support at this critical point in their service as they do with earlier parts of their career. That is why the Army provides the Army Career and Alumni Program and is working to make ACAP even more effective.ACAP delivers transition and job assistance services to Soldiers to support them in making informed career decisions.
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04 August 2011
"Change Is In The Air"
In my short time here, I have come to appreciate and love everything that is Fort Detrick and the Frederick Community. This installation is small in size but a giant in its contributions to the Army's mission.
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03 August 2011
I want to say 'thank you' to all of you for making Freda and I feel welcome here at Fort Detrick. It was a joy to speak with some of you at the change of command ceremony last week and I look forward to meeting everyone here and at Forest Glen.
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14 July 2011
Thanks for the Memories
What a fabulous time the last three years have been! I was indeed blessed to have been given not only the chance to lead here at Fort Detrick, but to stay so long. As most of you may know my time is drawing to a close with the Change of Command on 15 July. I wanted to therefore take this opportunity to share some thoughts with you.
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24 May 2011
U.S. military veterans are a diverse group, representing their varied cultures, at the same time being proud Americans, fighting for our way of life. Whether man or woman, young or old, veterans have helped to make our country strong and keep Americans free throughout our history.
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12 May 2011
“The National Terrorism Advisory System”

Did you hear that effective April 20, the National Terrorism Advisory System, or NTAS, replaced the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System?

This new system will more effectively communicate information about terrorist threats by providing timely, detailed information to the public, government agencies, first responders, airports and other transportation hubs, and to the private sector.

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14 April 2011
“Avoiding Demonstrations and Protests”

As the weather changes from winter to spring, we can expect to see more people implementing their First Amendment right that allows peaceful demonstrations and the freedom of assembly. 

Most demonstrations are planned or announced; however, a peaceful protest can easily turn violent.You may encounter other unannounced unplanned demonstrations, marches or events especially while visiting Washington, D.C; Baltimore; Philadelphia or any other major city. 

The best guidance is to avoid them.

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"Email Scams"
Hundreds of thousands of internet-based and email scams and fraudulent schemes exist online. Many are pretty obvious and easy to avoid, but many are very sophisticated and hard to spot.
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16 February 2011
A Commentary
The Army has continually built on the desire to keep Soldiers, civilians and families safe. "Accidents represent a serious problem, accounting for more deaths, disability and loss of productivity in DoD than any other cause.
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13 January 2011
U.S. Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Eric Schoomaker New Year's 2011 message to Army Medicine Team.
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