20 May 2013
Shannon Bishop, USAG Public Affairs
As declared by President Barack Obama, May is mental health awareness month – a time to focus on the mental health issues that one in four American’s face. Each year, more people die from suicide than from traffic accidents or homicide. In the military, 25 soldiers are lost to suicide for every one soldier lost in combat. As awareness of mental health issues are raised, the attitude and stigma with getting help has significantly decreased over the last few years.
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By Steven Galvan, USAISR Public Affairs Officer
The scars are a testament to what he calls “a bad day at work.” A 2006 improvised explosive device attack on the Light Armored Vehicle he was riding in while deployed to Iraq burned 40 percent of his body and shattered his left ankle. Although the explosion knocked him down and changed his life, it didn’t change his outlook on life, and it certainly didn’t keep him down.
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Department of the Army Headquarters named the winners of the Army Communities of Excellence awards in a March 13 message from the office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.
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03 May 2013
May 12 is Mother’s Day, something you cannot have missed if you turn on the TV or listen to the radio. There are ads for everything that is the “perfect Mother’s Day gift” on every channel, ad nauseam. It seems in our society that a little egg-looking device that scrapes the skin off feet is now the “perfect” way to tell mom you love her.

What a change this is from how Mother’s Day began.

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The U.S. Army was recognized as one of the Top 100 Global Innovators on Thomson Reuters’ second annual innovators list.In their report, Reuters highlighted USAMRMC and the Army’s work to develop technology in diverse areas ranging from computing and software, weaponry and general military technology including communications and imaging to diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as malaria and Ebola virus.
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The National Museum of Health and Medicine and its volunteer were recently recognized for their hard work and dedication to serving the public at the annual Fort Detrick Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony on April 18, 2013.  
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