31 January 2013
Information about the Early Warning System.
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29 January 2013

By Melissa Brachfeld Public Affairs Specialist, National Museum of Health and Medicine

By 1863, the Civil War had been raging on for two long years, with significant casualties on both sides of the conflict. The year would see the battles of Chancellorsville and Chattanooga, among many others. It also brought the Battle of Gettysburg – one of the most pivotal battles of the Civil War.

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General talks about why he became a doctor

By J. Ellen Crown, USAMRMC Deputy PAO  

In life, there are many moments that pass you by. Then there are the ones that change you.  

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By: Shannon Bishop

USAG Public Affairs

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a federal holiday for each one of the American presidents’ birthdays? There would be 44 federal holidays, just for birthdays—not to mention the other holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works—there is one holiday to recognize all 44 presidents of the United States, which we know as Presidents’ Day.

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Fort Detrick’s Right Arm Night, sponsored by the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, was hosted at the Community Activities Center Jan. 17.  
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By: Charles Harriday, Installation Safety Management Office

Ice covered streets, parking lots and sidewalks are some indications that winter and cold weather have arrived.  Be aware that increased mishaps are likely to occur, but can be prevented through daily preparation prior to leaving home for work and after arriving at your destination.

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25 January 2013
By J. Ellen Crown, USAMRMC Deputy PAO,
and Chelsea Bauckman, USAMRMC Public Affairs specialist

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and Fort Detrick changed command Jan. 11, with Maj. Gen. James K. Gilman turning the reins over to Brig. Gen. (promotable) Joseph Caravalho Jr., in a ceremony at the Odom Fitness Center.

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17 January 2013
By: Nick Minecci, USAG Public Affairs

SILVER SPRING, Md. - Fort Detrick Forest Glen Annex has two new ways of communicating with the workforce on social media, keeping the community informed about weather related delays or closings, community information and easier communication from leadership.

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By: Brett Conyers, Legal Assistance Attorney

The Fort Detrick Tax Center opens January 28 to assist eligible taxpayers with filing both federal and state income tax returns. Active members of the armed forces-including mobilized reservists, military retirees, and eligible family members are able to receive assistance with their income tax needs.

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15 January 2013
By Jeffrey Soares, USAMRMC public affairs

Soldier, doctor, teacher, leader, commander, husband, father, grandfather…


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