12 May 2011
26th Annual Fort Detrick Safety Awareness Day

The 26th Annual Fort Detrick Safety Awareness Day will be celebrated on 25 May 2011 at building 1520A.  

The opening ceremony begins at 0900 and we are happy to have as our guest speaker for this year’s event Command Sergeant Major Kevin B. Stuart, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command.  The theme this year is “At work, at play, let safety lead the way”.   

Awareness and management of risks on the job is how we protect ourselves, our personnel, and our community.  This same awareness of safety must be applied off the job as well.  Whether we are engaging in off duty sports activities, driving, or working around our house and yard, we must be mindful of the risks involved in our activities to protect ourselves, our families, and others from harm.   Safety Awareness Day provides us the opportunity to learn and in some cases re-learn practices and procedures which ensure our Army mission and our life actions incorporate the management and control of risks- first.   

During safety awareness day you will have the opportunity to visit various safety vendor displays covering a wide assortment of information, a sampling of which include; hunter safety, water safety, laboratory safety, personal protective equipment and tools, fitness and personal health, ergonomics, and home safety.  

There will also be award presentations.   Immediately following our guest speaker, Command Sergeant Major Stuart, for the Risk Management Award and the winning Safety Slogan for 2011.  Make 25 May 2011 from 0900 – 1400 your Safety Stand-down Day to prepare for the 101 days of Summer Safety.

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