13 October 2011
One man's near miss could be another man's death

By Andrew LaScola, GSP

Installation Safety Management Office

Imagine you are driving home from work one evening and all of a sudden a child chasing a ball runs out in front of your car. Thankfully you notice them before an accident occurs and you slam on your brakes allowing the child to safely cross in front of you.At the time you may not have known it, but you just experienced a "near miss."

Webster's dictionary defines a near miss as: "A result that is nearly, but not quite, successful." A near miss in other words is a close call, an almost happened, or a "we got lucky on that one."

From a risk management perspective, knowledge of near misses is critical in preventing future accidents. Reporting near misses will result in an investigation by the Installation Safety Management Office to determine the root cause of the near miss in an effort to prevent a future accident.

If something occurs that you believe is a Near Miss but you are unsure about it report it anyway and the Installation Safety Management Office can help make the determination.Just because it was a near miss for you, doesn't mean it couldn't result in an accident, injury, or even fatality for another person that could have ultimately been prevented. If a near miss is a result of an unsafe condition then it is our responsibility as employees to report it immediately so the condition can get corrected.

At Fort Detrick we have several methods for reporting near misses that not everyone working here on post may be familiar with. Employees can report near misses through their chain of command, directly to the Installation Safety Management Office, or by submission of DA Form 4755, Employee Report of Alleged Unsafe and Unhealthful Working Conditions. Employees can report near misses to the Near Miss Hotline (301-619-3164), or send in a Near Miss Report which is Fort Detrick Form 385-10b.

The form can be found on the installation extranet by:1. Click on Documents on the left side of the page.2. Once you click on documents select Forms and scroll down to the Installation Safety Management Office.3. Select Form 385-10b Near Miss Report.4. Once you complete the form email it to USAG NEARMISS5.

If you do not want to fill out the form you can call the Near Miss Hotline at 301-619-3164 and leave a message on the answering machine.It is important to note that no harassment or action will be taken against an individual for submitting a hazard report or a near miss.

The person reporting the hazard may submit their name or they can choose to remain anonymous. The key to reporting near misses and hazards is to prevent an accident from occurring in the future, and with your help we can continue to make Fort Detrick as safe as possible.Remember

"Practice safety Today- Fort Detrick Needs You Tomorrow."

Posted by PAO

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