14 December 2016
Safety is Rule One when Hunting
Kristen Haga, Installation Safety Office
Hunting is a fun outdoor sport, but like any sport participants must adhere to certain safety precautions to avoid injury or even death. Following the rules helps ensure not just your safety but that of your fellow hunters. Remember, not everyone is as safety conscious as they should be.

Keep the following rules in mind when hunting:

• Make sure any firearm is treated as though it were loaded and ready to fire, and always remember to keep the safety on, without exception, unless the weapon is about to be used. Keep in complete control of your weapon.

• Only aim your gun when you intend to shoot—and at no other time, again, without exception. Make sure there are no humans in your targeted area or in close range. Do not shoot at movement or sound, make sure you can clearly see your target.

• Always wear a blaze orange outer layer and hat, this is absolutely one of the best forms of hunters’ safety one can practice. Be sure you are not the target. In addition to wearing bright orange, always have a flashlight with you when you move around in the woods before daylight and after dusk.

• You can be a danger to yourself and others if you are not alter while hunting. Every hunter’s safety depends on observation and ability. If you are impaired by sleepiness, medications or alcohol, you should not participate in hunting.

• Make sure that all the animals that you shot are dead before putting them in your vehicle.

• If you use a tree stand, be sure to use a harness or safety belt and do not climb outside of your physical limits. Do not climb with your weapon, use a haul line or a partner.

• It is best to go hunting with a partner. If you can’t find someone to hunt with you, you should let your family/friends know where you will be going and what time you plan to return.

Not only is hunting a great form of getting exercise, but it allows you to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family. When you pick up your hunting license ask for safety brochures or check your state’s Department of Natural Resources agency website.
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