03 October 2017
Fort Detrick Conducts Full-Scale Exercise
Jenni Benson, USAG Public Affairs

Fort Detrick’s Hazmat Team responds to a suspicious package during a full scale exercise Sept. 21 at Fort Detrick. The exercise was an opportunity to test current plans and procedures for response and recovery during an emergency.
The U.S. Army Garrison Fort Detrick conducted a full-scale exercise with various units on the installation including civilians, police, firefighters and first responders Sept. 21-22. The exercise was designed to evaluate the participants response to a suspicious package scenario and to test Fort Detrick's critical capabilities during an emergency situation.

"The reason why we do these types of exercises is to be ready. Our overarching goal is protecting and supporting our community," said U.S. Army Garrison Commander Col. Scott M. Halter. "If you are not signed up for AtHoc, this is a great way to stay up -to-date during an emergency situation. It is encouraged that you and your office ensure you are part of this important communication strategy so everyone can respond quickly and in the correct manner should an emergency occur," said Garth Phoebus, Fort Detrick emergency manager.

AtHoc is a crisis communication platform that allows users to receive real-time updates in the event of an emergency.

The exercise concluded with a recovery phase and an afteraction review discussing ways to improve, processes to change and things to keep doing right.

"We did a great job, but there is always room to improve and get better, especially when we are talking about t12he safety of our people and the community," Halter added.

To sign up for AtHoc, contact Garth Phoebus at (301) 619-3366.
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