20 January 2012
Questions answered about new gate access policy

By Horace King

USAG Access Control Officer

Fort Detrick is changing the hours of operation for several of its entry gates Jan. 17, to help improve safety and ease of use for all employees, families and visitors. T

he change will make Old Farm gate available for visitors and deliveries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This gate is the only gate authorized for visitors and deliveries, however, all others can still use this gate and any of the other open gates.

1. It is our understanding that a driver will be able to gain access by showing our NIH ID (PIV) card or our NCI-F ID card. However, a passenger must show an NIH (PIV) ID card as our NCI-F ID card is not sufficient identification. Is this correct? If so, what is the reason for this difference?

A. There is a big difference between these two cards, primarily, one is centrally issued and grants access to other than NCI-Frederick and the other does not. If the driver possess a NIH (PIV) card they will have the same privileges as Dept. of Army employees who possess a Dept. of Army (CAC) PIV card. The possessor of these cards will be able to vouch for every other member in the vehicle (Trusted Traveler Program), who will not have to produce an ID card.

There are two forms of the NCI-F card, one is for permanent employees and the other is temporary with limited access. When the NCI-F card is compared to the access badge from Fort Detrick US Army Garrison, the big difference is that vetting is completed on the individual prior to issuance of the badge. The vetting on the USAG access badge is not the same level of background checks that are done on individuals who are issued the Dept. of Army (CAC) PIV cards. Because of this difference, USAG access badges and NCI-F badges are not allowed to vouch for other passengers and be a part of the Trusted Traveler Program.

2. Short-term NCI-F employees such as students are not issued NIH ID (PIV) cards, they only receive NCI-F ID cards. How will this affect their ability to access the campus?

A. These employees are granted individual access but are not allowed to vouch for or participate in the "Trusted Traveler" Program.

3. We often host individuals/groups from non-federal entities. If we take them off-base to one of our other locations (for example) will they need to re-enter through the visitor's gate?

A. How will these individuals be taken off of the installation? If there is an NIH employee with them in the vehicle and the NIH employee is in possession of the NIH (PIV) card, they will be granted access by the NIH employee vouching and having responsibility for them, and they can enter through any open Access Control Point.

4. How long will it take to get through the visitor's gate? It is our understanding that visitors will need to get a temporary ID card. How long will this take? Will visitors that come through the gate get escorted by guards to the place where the temporary ID cards need to be obtained?

A. There are a lot of factors that affect the time it will take to gain access through the visitor gate. That time is influenced by the amount of visitors, weather, other traffic and incidents that could be occurring at the time a person attempts to gain entry. The guards work diligently to grant access in the most efficient and expeditious manner, while still maintaining the security posture and protection for the installation. The current visitor gate does not have the facilities and infrastructure to issue individual temporary ID cards. These visitors will not be escorted to another location to be issued ID cards. Guards will process the drivers and passengers then search the vehicle prior to allowing entry onto the installation.

5. How will drivers/passengers in government vehicles be handled? Do they need to go through the visitor's gate if they do not all have an NIH ID (PIV) card?

A. All vehicles are treated the same and not differentiated between them being Government owned or privately owned. The ID of the driver or passengers provides access.

6. What about our Farmer's Market vendors that have been vetted through the USAG - what is the new process for them? If they have not been vetted, what is the new process?

A. Vendors that have been vetted can be issued Fort Detrick Access badges. The process and requirement for vetting has not changed. Please submit the personal identifiable information on the vendors so they can be vetted and once that is completed they can be granted Fort Detrick Access Badges.

7. In one discussion we heard that only the DoD decals are no longer going to be issued. However, in another discussion we heard that both the DoD and the NCI decals will no longer be issued. Which is the case?

A. We will no longer issue DoD or any other partner specific vehicle decals.

8. We often host symposiums/ seminars that could include up to 100 people that may be non-federal workers? How long will it take to process all of these people through the visitor's gate and through the USAG temporary card process?

A. When you have a large gathering like this question refers to, submit the personal identifiable information at a minimal of 72 hours prior to the event, to allow them to be vetted. Once vetted, the entry process would be a lot smoother than if they were not vetted.

9. Will all people in a vehicle need to get temporary ID cards from the USAG?

A. No. It depends on the status and circumstance for the entry.

10. Very often our staff has family members that pick them up from work. Will all of these individuals need to get visitor's ID cards from the USAG?

A. If the employee requires transportation that is provided by a Family Member on a constant basis, the family member personal identifiable information needs to be submitted along with the request for a Fort Detrick Access badge. After vetting, the Family member will be issued an access badge.

11. If an employee has family members in their vehicle, will they need to go through the visitor's gate to gain access? Will all family members need to get visitor's ID cards? (An example of this is that an a staff member swings by work on the weekend to pick-up something and the whole family is in the vehicle.)

A. They will not have to enter the visitors access control point if the NCI-F staff member has a NIH (PIV) card. If they only have a NCI-F card, they will have to enter through the Visitor Access Control Point.

12. Job applicants come to the post on a daily basis. What information do they need to show at the gate and what procedure do they need to follow to gain access?

A. The policy for visitors have not changed with this new process of decal elimination. The applicant must have a photo ID issued by a State or Federal Agency and/or a valid drivers' license if operating a vehicle along with the purpose and destination of their visit.

13. I reside in housing on Fort Detrick and am not affiliated with the Government at all, What must I do to gain access on and off of the installation?

A. You must go to the housing rental office (Belfour Beatty) and fill out a vetting request form and a badge request form. On the vetting form you will list the personal identity information on yourself and any other person that resides in your residence that is listed on the lease agreement who is over the age of 16. Once the vetting form is complete, you will submit the forms to the Badge office located at Bldg 1520. After the vetting is complete, the Badge office will create a badge for you and the others in your household over the age of 16.

14. I have Foreign Nationals who visit me and my family often. What are the procedures that must occur in order to bring them onto the installation?

A. All Foreign Nationals must enter the installation through Old Farm Gate. They must be escorted at all times. The escort must announce their entry, along with the destination and purpose of the visit to the guards. Prior approval must be obtained from the respective security manager before a Foreign National is taken into any official work place.

15. If I am a delivery driver and deliver goods to the base on a regular basis, do I need to be issued a Fort Detrick ID Badge so I can enter through the 7th street gate?

A. No, you do not need a Fort Detrick ID Badge. Your vehicle will be searched each time you enter. You must always enter the installation through the visitor/delivery gate (Old Farm Gate).

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