17 January 2017

We love our police officers. That is the message sent to Fort Detrick Police officers by the kids at the Fort Detrick Child, Youth and School Ages Services during a recent visit recognizing them for their efforts for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

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Fort Detrick Kids Thank Our Police Officers on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Lanessa Hill, USAG Public Affairs
Everyone at Fort Detrick is surrounded by individuals who should be recognized for their bravery, integrity and honor. While we agree, those individuals should be recognized daily for their heroism, there is one day set aside each year to recognize and show appreciation to law enforcement for their efforts.

Every Jan. 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. LEAD is a way to show the men and women who risk their lives daily how much they are valued. On this day, the children of the Fort Detrick Child and Youth School Ages Services did just that. Collaboratively they designed a banner which can be hung in the police station to remind officers that they are appreciated.

Officer Michael Krall, of the Fort Detrick Police Department, visited the kids and was on hand to answer questions the kids had regarding his duties and experiences. Krall was anticipating typical questions children would ask including, was his equipment real and how did he become a police officer, but the one question that he felt compelled to go into detail was what is the best thing about being an officer?

“My favorite thing about being an officer is helping the community, in particular those in need and being there for others. I like talking to everyone, said Krall. “When everyone talks we build relationships, and when we know each other, we begin to trust each other. When we work together our communities are safer.”

Krall equated it to their friends in school. “It’s like your friends at school, when you start the school year you may not know everyone in your class and don’t talk a lot. As the school year goes on, you know the other kids then you talk all the time about homework, home, playing and games. It’s the same thing. If we are out there talking we begin to know our community and who needs help and that builds trust.”

"Maryland's law enforcement officers are some of the bravest and most courageous men and women in uniform anywhere in the country, and I am honored to declare today as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in recognition of their complete dedication to the protection of our citizens," Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said during a press conference on Jan. 9.

"Every single day, our men and women in uniform selflessly put their lives on the line to make our communities safer. I will continue to show my unwavering support for our law enforcement officers, and I encourage all Marylanders to show their appreciation for these extraordinary men and women," the governor continued.
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