27 March 2013
Living In Interesting Times

Col. Allan J. Darden, Sr.
There is an old saying, “May you live in interesting times.” 

It is pretty safe to say that we are, as government employees, service members and contractors, living in interesting times. I am sure that the word “sequestration” has become a part of your vocabulary by now, and you have questions and concerns. 

As the Commander of the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Detrick, I share your concerns and am doing all I can to answer as many of your questions with the information I have available.While sequestration is serious with far-reaching impacts, the core mission of Fort Detrick remains unchanged, even in the face of mandated funding cuts and Army civilian furloughs.

My priority as the garrison commander continues to be taking care of our Soldiers, their families, and our civilian workforce by continuing to provide the services our community deserves.One of my jobs as a leader is to prioritize what is most important, and to be honest by saying sequestration’s effects will be felt. 

We may not be able to provide the same level of services as we currently do, but our challenge is to make smart decisions based on our priorities above, and sustain the most important programs and services.It is safe to say that budget reductions will have an impact on what we are able to do. 

The civilian furlough will impact every facet of life on Fort Detrick and Forest Glen Annex. You may see longer lines at the commissary, PX and ID card section, and some services may close for an entire day. I can promise that my staff and I will work tirelessly to figure out the best way to minimize the impact and preserve critical family and Soldier services.

We will continue to determine the impact of both the budget reduction and mandated civilian furlough to the installation. This will take time and requires day-to-day risk management and risk assessment. I ask for the community’s patience while we work this out in the next couple of weeks.

As we determine what services and programs are impacted, we will keep you informed through community town hall meetings, the Standard, our USAG Fort Detrick and Forest Glen Annex Facebook and Twitter pages, and on our website, www.detrick.army.mil.Fort Detrick and Forest Glen Annex will get through this time of stress together because we are One Team, One Mission.

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