01 May 2011
Increased security measures in effect
As part of ongoing security and force protection measures, visitors and employees at Fort Detrick Frederick and Fort Detrick Forest Glen can expect increased security measures in effect for the time being.
This might include more frequent or thorough vehicle searches, requiring valid ID at facility entrances (such as the PX, gym or commissary, for instance), or other measures designed to protect the workforce and infrastructure and deter those who might wish to disrupt operations.
There is no specific threat, and daily operations will continue as usual.
Specific details of security measures or time frames cannot be disclosed, but information will be provided if and as the situation changes.
Please expect to spend a little extra time at gates and other checkpoints if necessary as we implement increased security measures.
The Trusted Traveler Program is temporarily suspended and all visitors will be required to provide valid, individual identification at the gates.
Thanks for your patience and cooperation.
Posted by PAO

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