07 December 2012
Dealing with Loss during the Holiday Season

Col. Allan J. Darden Sr., USAG Fort Detrick commander

 Every year, as the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, we begin to anticipate the holiday season. While this time is traditionally marked with joy and cheer, it can also add additional stress and cause us to recall unhappy memories or feelings.  

Each of us has our own unique situations that may influence our feelings and actions during this time. We don’t all experience the holidays in the same way. While many may be enjoying family traditions, someone dealing with a loss may feel isolation and sadness. These feelings can occur after any kind of loss, including the death of loved one, relocation, illness, divorce, suicide, or infertility. For some, this may be the first holiday that they are experiencing without a loved one. Others may be dealing with an adult child who is not able to make it home for the holidays. It’s important to be considerate of others and of what those around you may be going through.  

If you happen to be an individual who enjoys the Holiday season, keep an eye out for family members, friends, and co-workers who may be feeling a little blue during this time of year. Not everyone experiences the holidays in the same way, so be kind and compassionate to all that you meet.   Finally, remember that if you feel lonely, sad, or isolated, there are resources that exist to help you through these challenging times. Review the following list, and do not be afraid to reach out and get help if you need it.

• Suicide Prevention Program  Community Support Center  

Bldg. 1520, Freedman Drive  


 • Barquist Army Health Center  

 During Duty day:  301-619-7175 or walk-in  

During nights or weekends: Contact the on-call provider at 1-866-379-3981  

 • Provost Marshall Office:  301-619-7114  

 • Chaplain's Office:  301-619-7371/2 (During Duty day)  

 • Family Advocacy:  301-619-2408  

• Army Community Services:  301-619-2197  

• Employee Assistance Program:  301-619-1751  

• Army Substance Abuse Program:  301-619-2120    

 The greatest gift is giving of yourself and your time.

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