14 July 2011
Fort Detrick part of Frederick's Amazing Race

By Danniele McKnight

Special Contributor to The Standard

On June 22, members of Fort Detrick DCTEE and Family and MWR participated in the Amazing Race hosted by the Downtown Frederick Partnership.

Terri Baker, Danniele McKnight, and Scott and Carol Garrand represented Fort Detrick with a great score of 85 points, putting them firmly in the middle of the pack for their first time out.The race consisted of questions about Frederick, picking up souvenirs and taking photos at local landmarks with in a hour and 15 minute timeframe.

Photos were taken throughout the city of various landmarks such as the wayfinder signs, box office at the Weinberg Theater and the Alive at Five stage. Questions ranged from what was at a local address to who was an item named after at a local restaurant. The race ended at Danielle's restaurant on East St.Plans are already in the making for next year's race and hopefully more Fort Detrick teams can be represented. T

his year's team plans on making a repeat performance next year and "we can plan better for next year" stated Terri Baker. The team found that strategy plays a big part in accruing points, the main point was to know where landmarks were and how to achieve the best number of points within the least amount of space. The clues lead from All Saint Street to 7th Street, a 12 block radius.

At the end of the evening, while the team might not have taken first place, it was a great event to learn about Frederick and focus on having a good time with co-workers.

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