14 July 2011
Drinking Water Quality Report

Fort Detrick's 2010 Drinking Water Quality Report is available for community review. The report summarizes water quality information collected by water suppliers to comply with drinking water regulations.

In 1996, Congress amended the Safe Drinking Water Act, which added a provision requiring all community water systems to deliver to their customers a brief annual water quality report.

Find it at:

• The Public Affairs Office, Headquarters 810 Schreider Street, Suite 213 or call 301-619-2060;

• The Environmental Management Office, 1546 Porter Street, 3rd Floor;

• Hard copies delivered to the family housing units;• Hard copies posted on public bulletin boards in barracks and tenants/organizations and;

• Hard copies available at the Post Library, 1520 Freedman Drive.

For more information, call Mark Lewis, Fort Detrick Environmental Management Office, at (301) 619-3136.

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