07 December 2012
The Army Provider Satisfaction Survey; Helping Barquist Help You

Have you received an Army Provider Level Satisfaction survey in the mail weeks after your appointment at Barquist Army Health Clinic?  Do you normally complete it, or do you throw it away?  Do you wonder why this survey should matter to you? These surveys are a key tool to identify areas in which the clinic can improve in order to continue providing world-class military medicine. 

The survey also helps the clinic earn money.  With this money, the clinic is able to increase the number of service providers and improve its facility for its patients.  Some of the questions on the survey are worth up to $500 for “Excellent” responses.  We can only improve if you provide us with the feedback necessary for earning this money and for identifying those areas needing attention.

These APLSS surveys are confidential and administered by the Office of the Surgeon General. Patients are randomly selected, and the surveys are typically sent out within 48 hours after their appointments.

APLSS asks the patient about certain aspects of his or her visit, and most importantly, the level of overall satisfaction regarding the entire visit.  The survey consists of 10-25 questions and takes 5-10 minutes to complete.  Individuals who receive an APLSS in the mail may return it in the pre-addressed envelope, or they may complete the survey online.

The next time you receive an APLSS letter in the mail, please take the time to complete the survey. The responses that you provide for the Barquist Army Health Clinic team will help all of our patients receive the best possible care. Questions regarding the APLSS program may be directed to Matthew Ford at 301-619-6023 or Matthew.Ford@amedd.army.mil.

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