03 August 2011
Hello to the Fort Detrick Community

Col. Allan J. Darden, Sr.

I want to say 'thank you' to all of you for making Freda and I feel welcome here at Fort Detrick. It was a joy to speak with some of you at the change of command ceremony last week and I look forward to meeting everyone here and at Forest Glen.

As I mentioned in my speech at the ceremony, at first glance, this assignment seems overwhelming. I know that through the expertise we have in this Garrison, we will accomplish the many daunting tasks that lay ahead - especially the Installation Management Command transition.

In preparing for this assignment I realized that Fort Detrick is truly immersed in the community and a leader throughout the Army. Through our partnerships here and in the community, we will continue to grow and serve our neighbors, our community, our friends and our Nation.

Through a dedication to mission and a commitment to the community, we will accomplish many great things. I believe the quote from my speech showcases how I am approaching this command, "when a good business man walks into an already successful company, if he is smart, he will capitalize on the success."

As you continue diligently working to accomplish our mission, I ask you to think about one thing. "Why are we doing what we are doing?" I hope you have the same answer as I do. It is to support all of the people who work or live on this installation and are serving our Nation.

What we do should have value to them and meet their needs. If we aren't doing something we should or we are doing something that has no value, we need to adjust. You are on the front lines and can help me with this.

You have been successful and I have no doubt that we will continue to be successful together. Fort Detrick is a sustainable community of excellence, and to continue that we must expand the sustainable part of that commitment.

Our future demands that we become even more efficient than we are today, demands that we use the resources we have judiciously and in the best interest of the Nation, and demands that we look to alternatives to help us meet our mission goals.

That is our responsibility to the American taxpayer and a legacy we can leave to our children. I look forward to working with each and every one of you and getting to know you. Colonel Robinson has left me with an excellent team and I am confident in your commitment to sustainable excellence and am excited to get going!

Posted by PAO

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