08 August 2017
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August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month: See Something, Say Something
USAG Antiterrorism Office
Antiterrorism Awareness Month starts Aug. 1, with an information table at the National Night Out Event hosted by the Directorate of Emergency Services at the Balfour Beatty Community Center. This event marks the Army's seventh annual observance of Antiterrorism Awareness. AT awareness will begin with featured articles in the Fort Detrick Standard the Fort Detrick Weeklies and on social media. It will also consist of AT awareness booths in the Commissary, PX and Community Activities Center during AT month, with additional information tables and briefings conducted by unit AT points of contact.

The terrorist threats faced today are as complex. These threats are persistent and constantly evolving, as evidenced by the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL.

The Army's antiterrorism program protects personnel, information and facilities in all locations and situations against terrorist activities.

The purpose of Antiterrorism Awareness Month is to instill Army-wide heightened awareness and vigilance to protect Army communities from acts of terrorism.

Why is it important to the Army? Awareness of terrorist threats and an understanding of unit-level and personal protective measures remain paramount.

The focus areas for this year's Antiterrorism Awareness Month include:

1. Recognize and report suspicious activity with emphasis on implementation of Army iWATCH and iSALUTE: (https://www.myarmyonesource.com/familyprogramsandservices/iwatchprogram/default.aspx) and the Fort Detrick web-page: (http://www.detrick.army.mil/) information is located above the Pages of Interest Section--iSALUTE and iWATCH.

2. Understand the threat associated with violent extremism; provide the Army Community with violent extremism awareness information. This information can be obtained by contacting your unit Antiterrorism POC.

3. Educate the Army community on the rules associated with ownership and use of Unmanned Aerial Systems, (https://installation.detrick.army.mil/policy/) Fort Detrick Policy Letter: FD 95-2-1.

Anyone who witnesses something suspicious, or who thinks they may have done so, should report it, even if they feel the information they have is not complete. On post, suspicious activity should be reported to the Fort Detrick police department at (301) 619-7114 or (301) 319-5502 for Forest Glen. Outside of the installation, suspicious activity should be reported to the law enforcement agency responsible for that area.
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