09 October 2014
Each Thursday during the 2014 Combined Federal Campaign Season the employees of the Directorate of Human Resources wear their CFC t-shirts to show their support for the campaign. (Photo by Shannon Bishop, USAG Public Affairs)
Federal Employees Encourage Participation in Campaign
by Shannon Bishop, USAG Public Affairs

The Office of Personnel Management brought changes to the annual Combined Federal Campaign this year making it even easier for federal employees to donate to the charities that are nearest and dearest to them.

This year, through the Universal Giving program, federal employees can donate to more than 24,000 charities nationwide, according to an official CFC newsletter.

“This is important as the American workforce becomes more mobile—federal employees can donate to the charities closest to their hearts regardless of the region they currently work in,” said OPM Director Katherine Archuleta.

Federal employees have the ability to read about the charities they are donating to before giving any money.

“I really like that I know where my money is going when I donate,” said Tony Lewis, Soldier for Life transition services manager. “You can read about what the charities’ administrative costs are and you know how much money is actually helping people.”

To show support and spread the word about the CFC, members of the Directorate of Human Resources wear their CFC t-shirts each Thursday. The DHR and other Fort Detrick employees expressed their enthusiasm for the campaign by sharing stories about why they give to the CFC.

“As someone who is retired from the Army, I really appreciate all that our service members do,” added Lewis. “I usually give to charities that benefit wounded warriors and other members of our military. It’s simple to give and it’s easy to make a difference. You don’t have to give a lot, but just a few dollars does make a difference.”

In addition to the new Universal Giving program, federal employees also have the ability to give to a charity through online donations. The new online feature allows federal employees to search organizations by name, keyword or tax code.

“The CFC represents the community at large. But by giving to the CFC it also keeps local communities going,” said Army Education Services Officer for Bethesda Naval Support Activity Craig Branagan. “This campaign is a vital part of being part of the neighborhood. We want everyone to know about these programs. By contributing to the CFC we are really helping people. I look at it as a ‘pay it forward’ kind of thing.”

Fort Detrick employees have shared particular enthusiasm for charities benefitting service members and underprivileged children. “I have had Soldiers under my supervision that benefit from programs that get funding from the CFC,” said Branagan. “These organizations are really there to make a difference in their lives.”

Lanae Johnson, the CFC coordinator for the 2014 Fort Detrick campaign, reflects on the first weeks of the campaign.

“This has been a very engaging opportunity to talk to the different charities and help raise awareness about charities that people may not have known about,” said Johnson.

Maj. Mabel Salas, assigned to the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity, currently serves as the assistant coordinator to Johnson during the campaign season.

“This opportunity really opens your eyes and makes you realize you want to give more because there is so much need,” said Salas. “There are a wide range of charities that people can donate to and include programs that help kids, animals, veterans and hospices.”

For more information about the 2014 CFC, visit: www.cbacfc.org.

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