14 June 2013
Know The Signs: Know What’s Right, Do What’s Right
ByF ort Detrick

Installation Safety Management Office

The 101 Days of Summer Safety campaign, beginning Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, is an opportunity to continue the message of safety throughout all of our summer activities, such as grilling in the backyard, enjoying a day at the beach with family and friends, or taking a day trip to soak up the beautiful weather.

As our Army observes National Safety Month during the month of June, which coincides with the beginning of summer, this historically is the deadliest time of year for our Nation. During this time, safety will be celebrated through various public awareness campaigns with this year’s theme being, “Know the Signs: Know what’s right, do what’s right.” 

This campaign is about preventing accidents by recognizing signs -- even when some are more subtle than others -- and providing everyone with the tools to address safety issues. Being properly equipped to recognize a hazard can potentially save the life of a Service member, family member or co-worker.

Through collaborated efforts, accidents can continue to decrease so we can enjoy our summer activities with family and friends. Let’s continue with our obligation to manage risks and take action to correct any problems we encounter. 

In our fight, knowledge is the weapon of choice.What can you do to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you?

* Work hard to ensure safety is a top priority both on and off duty

* Consider all safety aspects of your summer activities through communicating trip details in the event of an emergency

* Utilize the Army’s resources at the Installation Safety Management Office and “Ready Army,” an online service from the Combat Readiness CenterRemember, safety extends beyond the month of June and surpasses our 101 Days of Summer Safety campaign. 

Let’s continue to protect and preserve our Service members, Family members, DA Civilians and contractors from accidents and injuries incurred during on- and off-duty hours. 

Safety is a day-to-day commitment and responsibility.“Know the Signs: Know what’s right, do what’s right.”

For more tips and information on National Safety Month and Army Safety, visit: https://safety.army.mil.

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