14 June 2013
(Left to right): Master Sgt. Xaiver Jones, Sgt. Brittany Briem, Master Sgt. Kenric Brooks, Kathy Norris, Sgt. 1st Class Brent Hallman, Sgt. 1st Class Amy Bethea and Master Sgt. John Okeeffe.
New T-Shirts “Brand” SAMC
By Nick Minecci

USAG Public Affairs

The members of the Fort Detrick Chapter of the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Club received a visible symbol of their accomplishment, with specialized t-shirts provided by the Fort Detrick branch of NYMEO.

“NYMEO is a sponsor of the SAMC on Fort Detrick, while they provide great financial services to the Soldiers on post, they also support the Fort Detrick chapter of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club,” said Staff Sgt. Craig Wayman, a SAMC member.

“As a club we do many events in the local community, most of which are volunteer, and help improve the community’s view of the Army and Fort Detrick. For years we have not had t-shirts that help people recognize who we are, the NYMEO branch on post bought us these t-shirts. I feel this shows the community and our brothers and sisters in arms that we are here to support them and that we are supported as well,” he added.

The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club is a private U.S. Army organization for enlisted non-commissioned officers only. Those NCO’s whose leadership achievements and performance merit special recognition may possibly earn the reward of membership. 

Members must... “...exemplify leadership characterized by personal concern for the needs, training, development, and welfare of Soldiers and concern for families of Soldiers.

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