26 January 2017
Exceptional Family Member Program Provides Assistance
Nick Minecci USAG Public Affairs
The Exceptional Family Member Program serves family members of all active duty personnel from birth to age 21 who have a special need or disability, and is a mandatory enrollment program under Army Regulation 608-75.

“EFMP works with military and civilian agencies, ensuring wide-ranging community support, appropriate housing, educational, medical and personnel services are available to families with special needs,” said Fort Detrick’s EFMP Manager Michelle Hewitt.

“To be eligible for services through EFMP, an individual must have any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disability that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling. Our services are available for all branches of the military and there are EFMP programs at all military installations. Even though the program is aimed for military families, certain services are available for civilians, retirees, and contractors,” Hewitt said.

Family members with special needs are enrolled in EFMP before their assignment cycle so their needs can be considered when military assignments are being processed according to Hewitt. She went on to say families treated at the Barquist Army Health Clinic must have had a physical within the last year and families moving overseas who are currently seen by off-post health care providers, are required to bring their health records to the initial overseas screening appointment. Also, all family members must have a record of a current physical.

“Families starting the overseas screening process can use this office to assist with the required paperwork and complete a developmental screening for any child under the age of 5 and currently not in school. When the paperwork is complete I screen the records and if it is good-to-go I contact the family to schedule a final face-to-face overseas screening appointment with a provider,” said Hewitt.

“Anyone interested in knowing more or participating at the grass roots level can attend the open quarterly Exceptional Family Member quarterly committee meeting, usually held the first Thursday of the quarter at 10 a.m. at the Community Support Center. This meeting is open to anyone in the Fort Detrick community interested in knowing what is going on in the program and on the installation concerning special needs. There’s been changes in the program, so if anyone has questions they can call me at (301) 619-3385 to ask question,” said Hewitt.
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