13 January 2011
New Year 2011
By Lt. Gen. Eric B. Schoomaker
U.S. Army Surgeon General

Happy New Year!
I hope you took full advantage of the opportunity during the holidays to recharge and spend quality time with your Family and friends.
For those deployed and away from home during the holidays--our continuing thanks for your service and the sacrifices of your Families.
I look forward with great anticipation to serving on the Army Medicine Team in 2011.
Together we will continue to improve the health of the Army and Military Family and to provide world-class healthcare for our Soldiers--for all Warriors--and for their Families.
Army Medicine's ambition is first and foremost to enable those we serve to achieve optimal health--health in all forms. Our message is that we are a “System for Health before we are a Healthcare System“.
That is, we are committed to improving and promoting health and and to preventive efforts while ensuring that we have the highest quality care when it is required to heal should injury, illness or combat wounds knock us off the balance beam of optimal health.
Our principal focus has been and will always be on the needs of people--of our Soldiers and Families, past and present.The care of people and fostering their trust is our foremost concern. That begins on the battlefield and extends to home station.
We accomplished a great deal in 2010. This includes the Comprehensive Behavioral Health System of Care, which was developed to link pre-mobilization?deployment, deployed and redeployment?demobilization behavioral health services for Warriors and Army Families.
We will continue to improve the process to evaluate and treat Warriors with mild traumatic brain or concussive injuries.
We also aim to achieve a comprehensive pain management strategy that is holistic and interdisciplinary.
We reorganized to improve access to care for Soldiers and Army Families by aligning the Regional Medical Commands to match the TRICARE regions.
This permits the optimal linkage between health promotion and healthcare on posts, camps and stations with that delivered by our civilian partners.
We established Regional Deputies for Readiness within each RMC to support Army Force Generation.
As the Army maintains a grueling pace of manning, training, equipping, deploying to fight and win the Nation's wars and then redeploying, reintegrating and resetting for the next round of the ARFORGEN cycle, we must concentrate our efforts on each Soldier and Family member inside that cycle.
This commitment extends to all COMPOs--AC and RC--in all parts of the country where the Army calls home and in all areas of the world where the Army is sent to defend the Nation.
In 2010 we formally consolidated all of our professionals and centers of excellence involved in injury and disease prevention and public health improvement under the U.S. Army Public Health Command.
I'm very excited about and deeply grateful for the hard work on this effort. The title alone sends a clear message of our commitment to health and to more precisely focus our resources and programs to achieve optimal health--in mind, body, spirit, family and community. We are continuing to improve access to care in all aspects of our system of care.
One improvement is the development of the Army Patient-Centered Medical Home which will create better partnerships between patient and health care provider while focusing all of our clinical and administrative efforts on the needs of those we serve and their care preferences.
We aspire for our Soldiers and Families what we want for ourselves--a supportive team of health and healthcare professionals which recognizes the unique desires, care preferences, challenges and potential of each of us.
The first Army Community Based Medical Home was opened at Ft. Campbell in November with more to follow in 2011.
Our care of wounded, ill and injured Soldiers continues through our Medical Treatment Facilities and the 29 Warrior Transition Units and 9 Community-Based WTUs across the Nation.
These ensure that our Soldiers have the best chance to return to duty or transition into productive civilian lives under the careful oversight and proactive improvements brought by the Warrior Transition Command.
We will continue to make the realization of abilities and overcoming disabilities the centerpiece of our labors--a mission which honors the resilience and deep and abiding desire to serve exhibited by our Soldiers.
The Army Medicine Team is committed to a close partnership with our beneficiaries.
That partnership is largely built on Trust.
Trust in our commitment to the well-being of every person; Trust in our ability to provide world-class patient care; mutual Trust from and in our partners; and Trust within the Army Family for Army Medicine.
My Family and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2011!
Army Medicine: Bringing Value...Inspiring Trust
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