28 June 2013
238 Years of Excellence Commemorated by Streamer Ceremony
By Alexis Underwood, Special to the Standard

  A large crowd of onlookers honored the Army’s 238 years of quality service at a Streamer Ceremony, featuring U.S. Army Garrison Fort Detrick commander Col. Steven Middlecamp and Command Sgt. Maj. Cassandra Redd.

The event took place in front of the Headquarters building June 14. During the ceremony, the importance of the Army’s history and service was highlighted as various streamers were added to the Army flag by Redd. Afterwards, Middlecamp described the significance behind the Army’s efforts throughout American history that earned each streamer’s inclusion.

“The Army colors count 187 streamers to commemorate the 187 campaigns we have fought in, from those desperate, frigid days at Valley Forge, to the hilltops of San Juan Hill, the beaches of Normandy, the jungles of Vietnam and Panama, to the deserts of Iraq and Kuwait, and to the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan,” Middlecamp wrote in his commentary earlier this month.

Middlecamp also stressed the importance of the Army as a team, which includes families and civilians that have provided hope and support to the Army.

“During the times of war and peace, our Army has been entrusted to defend this great nation, preserve democracy and defend freedom at home and abroad,” said Middlecamp during his ceremonial speech. “America’s greatest generations are built on the strength of America’s strongest citizens - its soldiers -and they are the strength of this nation’s future.”

The soldiers of the past were reflected upon for the readiness and resiliency that is necessary to support the nation during uncertain times, and the soldiers of the present and future were appreciated as well.

“[The streamers were presented] to show recognition of the many men and woman that fought for our country,” commented Redd.  

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