03 June 2013
101 Days of Summer Kicks off at Fort Detrick

by Shannon Bishop, USAG Public Affairs

Do you know which holiday is the most deadly for alcohol-related automobile accidents?

Independence Day. Right in the heart of summer, July 4th is the most deadly holiday due to alcohol-related car crashes. This summer, each and every person should take the necessary precautions to ensure they remain safe during those summer activities in which they choose to participate.

On Wednesday, May 24, Julie Brown, Natural Resources Police Boating Safety Education Coordinator from the Maryland NRP Safety Education Division addressed a group in Fort Detrick’s Strough Auditorium about the importance of boat safety.

“You are in charge of yourself; make sure if you go out on someone’s boat that you have a life jacket, that it fits, and that you know how to put it on in case there is an emergency,” Brown said.

Many people do not realize this, but the legal blood alcohol content limit for operating a boat is the same limit for driving a car. This BAC limit is .08. Anything over .08 can lead to a ticket for Boating Under the Influence, or BUI. Other important safety tips to remember while boating include:

* Always designate two people who are not drinking at all when going out with a group on a boat.

* A life vest should fit properly; both sides should meet in the middle of your chest with no gap. For children, make sure if you tug on the top it does not go over their ears or overlap in the front.

Abiding by these simple safety rules should help to make your summer more enjoyable, and much safer!

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