28 June 2013
Soldiers from across the country arrived at Fort Detrick, Md., on Wednesday, June 19, ready to entertain the audience with their 75-minute 'Ready and Resilient' themed song-and-dance production in the Jennifer Odom Fitness Center. Photo by FMWR.
Soldier Show Performers Entertain Kids at Fort Detrick Youth Center
By Shannon Bishop, USAG Public Affairs

Soldiers interacted with children at the Fort Detrick Youth Center before their scheduled performance at the Fort Detrick Odom Fitness Center on June 19. Following the show, kids had the opportunity to interact with the group and ask as many questions as they wanted about the Army and the Soldier’s lives in the Army. Questions ranged from “Do your uniforms come in pink?” to “What is the biggest blaster in the whole wide world?”

The Soldier Show, entertainment for the Soldier, by the Soldier, performed songs like, “Let’s Go” by Neyo, “Heart of a Champion,” and “God Bless America.”

While the children were enthusiastic to hear some of their favorite songs, the real entertainment came straight from the kids themselves. Most of them showed an interest in serving in the military when they become old enough.

“I want to join the Army, I want to save the country,” one girl said.

“The infantry are the guys that stand up and go ‘pew pew pew’ with guns,” another little boy said when asked if he knew what the infantry was.

Each Soldier that was a part of the show was eager and excited to interact with the children. With each answer they gave, the kids learned real facts, interesting facts about life and being in the military.

“Your most important weapon is your mind, and your bullets are your books, keep feeding your mind with plenty of books,” on specialist commented.

The Soldier Show magician, Spc. Theno, found out about the Soldier Show while deployed in Afghanistan. Theno works as the shows magician as well as a technician, building the set and working lighting during the show.

“How often does anybody really get to do this? I’m so glad I get to be a part of this,” Theno said.

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