17 September 2012
A Season of Change

 By: Command Sgt. Maj. Redd

Greetings to the Fort Detrick Family. I sincerely hope that each of you enjoyed your summer spending time with your families, time to yourself, enjoying the pleasures that the summer brings. Now we are approaching a change in season. For some that means children going back to school; some are going for the first time and others are going to college. Routines are changing from the summer norm. Now it is time for homework, papers, sporting events, daylight savings time ending and an array of things that can place a person off balance. Reducing some of life’s stressors can be challenging at times, but I encourage you to seek that balance in your life. Whether it is a hobby that you enjoy or just simply enjoying the roses of life, the fall or autumn season is a wonderful time of year, from the crispness in the morning air, the changing of the green leaves to radiant shades of orange, red and brown, creating a beauty that signifies a new beginning, a new life. Soon what was lush and green will slowly go away, wrapped in a cocoon waiting to reappear. Simply put, a time of reflection. A time to sit back, exhale and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

Many of us will start making plans for the holiday season. Yes, it is approaching fast, the shopping trips, traveling to see family and friends or just spending time at home with our families. As you go along your way, greet someone with a smile. Kindness is like a wildfire, with enough strength it will continue to spread. Who knows, the life you touch just may be your own.

Each day is a bright and new beginning; a ray of light that shines differently than the day before, a blooming flower from the seed of life. Embrace your seasons of change, for with these seasons there comes a new you.

Posted by PAO

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